Best 4 Wine Fridge Kegerators On The Market In 2022 Reviews

Who doesn’t like a grab a glass of flavorful red wine and relax next to the fireplace?

In order to achieve that, you’ll need a high-quality wine kegerator in your home.

If you’ve considered getting one wine kegerator yourself, with the help of our review the choice should be made easily. All the needed technical information and features are described below so feel free to continue on with your scrolling.


What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Wine Kegerator Cooler

Why Do We All Like Wine?

Wine is just one of those beverages most people consider timeless. Saved for special occasions, we go for a bottle when everyone around the table. Wine brings people together in celebration and good times. Remember the atmosphere when your friends gather and you pop open a fresh bottle? That’s how memories are made.

How To Keep Bottles Perfectly Cool?

It’s all about the perfect serving temperature. Even if you put it under ice, sometimes it takes hours for the bottle to chill down. However, wine kegerators are specially made coolers with the temperature range that is most suitable for wine or champagne.

Mini-Fridges That Are Cheaper Than A Wine Cellar

Most people believe that you need to have an enormous wine collection and a spacious wine cellar to be a wine enthusiast. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other more affordable ways to house your bottles. Wine kegerators often come in the form of efficient small refrigerators that fit into your kitchen or garage without taking up too much space.  

Variety Of Products To Choose From

Wine coolers can be found in different forms and sizes on the market. From big commercial beverage centers that you have probably seen in some restaurants and bars, to mini portable vessels. It all depends on your needs and preferences. However, in this review, we focused on more available wine coolers that can be used at home.

We Know It’s The Most Common Gift Idea

You’ve probably got a wine bottle as a gift before. And most likely you’ve bought if for a family member or a friend. Wine coolers are a unique way to spice up your gift by adding a cooler to the bottle. Wine fans will be thrilled about this gift!

Best 4 Wine Kegerators And Coolers

The Best Indoor Wine Kegerator

hOmeLabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Classy Way To Store Your Bottles

This 20-inches wide mini wine cooler is a stylish compact wine cellar. It fits up to 18 bottles of your finest red or white wine. Modern design and attractive interior are just two of the reasons why the hOmeLabs deserves to have a place of its own in your kitchen or home bar.

hOmeLabs Wine Cooler

Wine Tastes As Good As Always

You certainly want your beer to keep the authentic flavor as long as possible. The people at hOmeLabs know that so they made sure the cooler is ultra insulated. Your wine is protected from the air thanks to strong magnetic gaskets on the glass door. Also, the temperature inside doesn’t get affected by the room temperature.

Grab A Cool Bottle Without Any Problem

The sleek black surface is eye-catching in the combination with the single glass door. When you open the cooler, the interior lightning guides you through your wine collection. The wavy chrome shelves offer space for your beer to lie horizontally. When you’re grabbing your bottle, gently slide the shelves out and slide back in when you’re finished.

hOmeLabs Wine Cooler review

Efficient Wine Fridge Kegerator

The cooler’s refrigeration system helps the wine to cool down as low as 54 degrees Fahrenheit The fan motor enables an evenly spread cold air ventilation. Above the door, you can see an LED digital temperature display. What temperature level is optimal temperature up to you to decide.

Low Price For A Quality Cooler

This free-standing wine kegerator should suit your wine dispensing needs. If you’re storing your bottles at home, the capacity of 18 bottles at any given moment should be more than enough. At such an affordable price in comparison to other brands, you shouldn’t miss a chance of getting a  modern wine cooler like this one. 


  • Original and stylish design
  • Keeps your bottles perfectly hilled all the time
  • Affordable price

The Best Portable Wine Cooler

Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator

Colorful Home For Your Bottles

Mini wine kegerator shaped like a bottle? That’s a fun gadget every wine lover would love to have. There are 6 different colors to choose from. Whatever you enjoy drinking most, wine, champagne or other similar beverages, the bottle will stay chilled for hours.

Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator

Creative Shape & Design

The bottle insulators look stylish on any party table. The form of a wine bottle hides the bottle inside a double-walled vessel. The cooler’s stainless steel design enables the bottle to fall out or break if you drop the insulator. The air-tight cover prevents the beverage from going bad.  

As Simple As It Gets

You won’t need any instruction manual because the use is a piece of cake. You simply take the cover top before inserting your bottle of choice inside. Make sure your bottle is prechilled before putting it into the wine kegerator. Put the lid back on and get to pouring wine straight from the cooler and into the glass.

Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator review

Enjoy A Sip On The Go

The 2,5 pounds compact and lightweight champagne kegerator is easy to carry anywhere you go. You can keep it in your kitchen counter but where’s the joy in that? Share your flavorful wine with friends during a picnic, a holiday dinner or friendly gathering. It’s small enough to fit into your pursue.

A Gift That Leaves Speechless

Have you already come up with a gift idea of what to give your friends for Christmas? Or maybe your family members has a birthday coming up? A bottle of great wine is always a great idea but combined with a fancy wine cooler- priceless. It’s a beautiful gift for any special occasion. Lets’s toast to that!


  • Keeps bottles cold for hours
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect idea for wine fans
  • Attractive design

The Best Built-In Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Luxurious Home Bottle Cooler 

This small wine cooler from EdgeStar should satisfy your needs for an ideal built-in wine kegerator. Thanks to the front ventilation system it can be built flat into your kitchen cabinetry or left as a free-standing unit. No matter where you decide to put it into place, the superb slim design doesn’t take up a lot of space.

EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Supports 18 Bottles Of Wine

With the capacity of 18 standard 750 wine bottles, the wine fridge features 5 wood-trimmed shelves. It’s recommended you put 3 bottles on top of each shelf, lying down. When the shelves are removed, the bottles can stand upright. The glass door is tinted to prevent heat or UV light causing damage to the bottles. 

Good At Keep The Bottles Cool

Powered by a solid compressor, the fan-forced air circulation keeps the temperature as low as possible. The temperature ranges between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can easily be adjusted with a simple press on the control buttons on the digital controller with an LED display. The auto- defrost mode is also featured with the EdgeStar fridge kegerator.

EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler review

Sleek & Contemporary Aesthetics 

Your EdgeStar wine cooler will be a topic of conversation every time you have guests over or host a party. The cabinet itself has a black finish. The glass door is made from strong stainless steel. Extra detail is an interior blue LED light. The lighting can be switched on or off at any time.

Quality That Comes At A Price

EdgeStar is famous for its high-quality products and their kegerators come at a certain price. When looking at other options, this particular wine kegerator is a purchase that should be well thought-through. However, if you’re willing to invest some extra money for a high-performance wine cooler, this one might be just right.


  • Fitting and compact size
  • Ideal for built-in
  • High-quality compressor system

The Best Mini Wine Cooler

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 

Fill It Up With Your Favorite Cans And Bottles

The free-standing mini fridge has a total volume capacity of 90 L or 3.2 cu.ft. Whether you store your wine bottles or soda and beer cans, there’s additional storage space on the door when you open the wine fridge. You can also place food on the glass shelves. Plus, there’s a freezer compartment for ice cream and other frozen goods.

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L

“Wait, isn’t that Coors?”

That’s exactly what your friends will ask you when you invite them over. The recognizable Coors vintage logo stands out on the white exterior. And if your guests suddenly get thirsty while you’re showing off your mini-fridge, grab them a bottle of wine from the wine compartment or a can from the can dispense. And let’s not forget one last detail, the bottle opener attached to the door.

How Cool Can Koolatron Go?

The mechanical control know lets you choose a temperature anywhere between 28 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The refrigeration system included a compressor known to be operating silently. The cold air is spread evenly inside the cabinet thanks to high-quality fan ventilation. 

For even faster cooling, pop your beverage into the freezer for some time.

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L review

Stressing Out The The Safety

18 inches wide and 33 inches tall,  the mini-fridge is all about making your life simpler. The magnetic gaskets are added to the reversible door. The seal is tight you’ll need a bit more pulling strength when opening the fridge but that’s a low price to pay so your drinks and food stay cold and fresh. 

A Cool Beverage Cooler And More

If you desire to own a wine kegerator fridge that is both vintage and modern, take this Koolatron cooler into account. A flat design inspired by the classy Coors mountain logo adds a nice nostalgic feeling to your home. The cooler is available on Amazon for sale. 


  • Exterior inspired by the iconic Coors Light logo
  • Stores beer cans and wine bottles
  • An extra place for food and snacks

CONCLUSION: These Are The Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Precious Wine

A quality wine flavor needs to be appreciated. But preserved as well. Wine kegerators make the process of opening up a new bottle into a fully different experience every time. Your home wine collection will turn heads when you place EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler in your kitchen. For busy wine lovers, here’s the stylish portable Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator that also works great as a gift. 

If you’re an avid beer fan, then the article on best beer refrigerators is something you might like to read. To find out more information on how to store your wine and beer bottles, go over to our wine beer fridge post. Plus, the right mini beer refrigerator can be found in our article about small beer fridges.