Best 5 Man Cave Beer Fridge & Cooler To Pick In 2022 Reviews

If you are lucky enough to have a man cave then you have to enrich it with a beer fridge.

When you are relaxing in your man cave, the kitchen might be too far away. That is why you need a man cave beer fridge. It lifts your space to the next level. There are many options to choose from, and in this article, I listed the best ones to choose from.


Buying Guide For Man Cave Beer Cooler

Internal Capacity

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of internal capacity. It all comes down to personal preferences. What you should do is consider what do you want to store inside and how many items do you need to keep cold at the same time. There is no point in buying a large refrigerator if you need it just for a few beers. Also, don’t get a small one because the point of the beer fridge in the man cave is not to run to the kitchen all the time.

Refrigerator Size

In addition to the internal capacity, you need to consider the actual size of the product. Not all man caves are the same so you need to figure this out according to your space. Do you want a mini-fridge, mid-size one or a full grow refrigerator? Is it going to be built-in or do you want it to free stand and move around? Once you decide, the process of getting the right one is much easier.

Quality Of Materials

When you decided what kind of beer fridge you want it is time to take a look at the technical details. You want it to be a durable appliance that won’t break down in a few months. It is recommended to buy the one that is made of stainless steel because of the durability and low maintenance. It is also scratch and rust-resistant.


The performance depends on many factors. Some say that even the door can make a huge difference when it comes to energy efficiency. Besides the door being a glass or solid steel, you want the fridge that can keep the temperature at the desired level and that the noise is at the minimum. There is no point in getting a big loud refrigerator that will interfere with the game you watch on TV.

Best 5 Man Cave Beer Fridge & Cooler

Best Mini Fridge For Man Cave

EdgeStar Beverage Cooler

Capacity And Dimensions

This mini compact beer cooler can store up to 62 standard-sized cans or just a little bit over 30 bottles of 20 ounces. It is 20 inches tall, only 17 inches wide and 18 inches deep. It is a great little cube that you can place in your man cave no matter the size of it.

EdgeStar Beverage Cooler


It comes in a black cabinet finish and glass door with the stainless steel frame. This is one of the smallest beer fridges on the market that features the reversible door. It is quality and durable and the only thing missing is the LED light inside. But because it is small it shouldn’t be the problem to find what you are looking for. The one shelf inside can slide out if needed.

Temperature Adjustments

It doesn’t have a digital temperature display but you can easily adjust the temperature with the knob on the back of the fridge. The temperature ranges from the high 30s to the mid 50s degrees F. It doesn’t offer ice-cold drinks, but it delivers refreshing beer whenever you need it.

EdgeStar Beverage Cooler review

Cooling System

Just because it is small it doesn’t mean that it lacks power. It runs on a compressor-based cooling system that makes sure to keep the temperature at the optimum level. It also ensures that you get your refreshing drink as quickly as possible. It is recommended to rotate the content inside for optimal cooling.


  • Quiet compressor
  • Compact design
  • Reversible door
  • Manual temperature control

Best Glass Door Beer Fridge For Man Cave

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Modern Electric Fridge

This is a modern man cave beer fridge that offers a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. It is a freestanding unit with an elegant see-through glass door. The door is framed with stainless steel and it comes in black cabinet finish. The LED light that illuminates interior gives it an extra liking attribute.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Large Capacity

Although it seems small it can fit inside up to 120 standard cans of beer or several bottles of other beverages. It has three removable chrome shelves that you can adjust as you need them. It is 33.3 inches tall, 18.9 inches wide and 17.3 inches deep. You can attach the casters if you want to be able to move it around.

Temperature Controls

The great thing about this man cave beer cooler is that it has a digital display of the temperature. You can adjust the temperature with just one press of the button. It goes low to 36 degrees and up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a memory function that restores the last settings if there is a power failure or if you unplug it.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler review

Cooling Specifications

The hOmeLabs beverage center has a vertical chiller feature and it is energy efficient thanks to the advanced cooling technology. It is compressor-based and it produced little to no noise. It cools the drinks quickly and with the help of the fan, it distributes the air through the cabinet with keeping the temperature consistent.


  • Large capacity
  • LED interior light
  • Wide temperature range
  • Compressor-based cooling system

Best Beer Fridge For Man Cave With Stainless Steel Door

Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact Refrigerator

Stainless Steel Door

The main advantage of getting a beer fridge with a stainless steel door is extra storage space. This is a perfect option for those who want to keep inside something other than drinks. It offers more insolation so even if you keep food inside it can last a little bit longer.

Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact Refrigerator

Elegant Design

This slick silver beer refrigerator has a black cabinet with a silver spotless steel door. Unlike the fridges with the glass door, it offers certain elegance to the image of the room. It is easy to clean inside and outside. It is 33.1 inches tall, 21.1 inches wide and 20.7 inches deep.

Capacity And Storage Space

This man cave beer fridge offers a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet of storage and cooling space. It has two glass shelves and see-through crisper with glass top. On the door, there are three deep shelves and 8 hanging shelves specially designed for standard cans. It has more than enough space for cans and even large bottles.

Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact Refrigerator review

Energy Star Rating

What is great about this fridge is that it is energy efficient as one can be. It is rated with the Energy Star for the efficiency and you can there is also a mechanical thermostat for you to adjust the temperature as you need it. It also features an automatic defrost system, which makes cleaning easy.

Additional Features

It has an integrated door handle which adds up to the elegant design. It also comes with the hinge that you can put on the left or right side depending on how you want to open it. The interior light is installed inside for your convenience.


  • Energy Star rating
  • Spotless steel finish
  • Extra storage space in the door

Best Under Counter Beer Cooler For Man Cave

Avallon ABR151SGRH Built-In Beverage Cooler


If you are looking for something even more permanent than a free-standing cooler, this unit might be the best for you. It has a front ventilation system which allows you to build it in the cabinetry. If you have a larger man cave with the spare space under counter, this is the right choice.

Avallon ABR151SGRH Built-In Beverage Cooler

Temperature Range

The temperature with this beer fridge ranges from low 34 degrees up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a digital temperature display with a touch control panel so you can adjust the temperature according to the items inside. It gets your beverages as cold as possible but without freezing them.

Cooling Technology

The refrigerator works thanks to the compressor powered cooling. With the help of the circulation fans, it allows the air to evenly flow through the cabinet. It upholds the constant temperature throughout time. To maximize the efficiency the door is double-paned so no coldness gets out and it doesn’t let the warm air in.

Avallon ABR151SGRH Built-In Beverage Cooler review


The Avallon beverage center is made of stainless steel with a black finish. The door is seamless steel as is the door handle. It comes with 3 sanded glass shelves inside.  The great feature is the LED light inside. There are 2 lights on the right and 2 lights on the left side. You can alternate between blue and white lights.

Size And Dimensions

The fridge weighs 88 pounds. It is a slim fridge with 34.1 inches in height, 14.9 inches wide and 23.7 inches in depth. It can fit any narrow space under your counter. It can store up to 86 standard-sized cans of beer or other beverages. It also has the ability to lock it with the True key lock feature.


  • Even cooling
  • Blue and white LED lights
  • Large capacity
  • True key lock
  • Touch control panel

Best Retro Beer Fridge For Man Cave

Frigidaire Retro Bar Fridge

Colorful Design

If you are in the market for something different than a standard beer fridge, you might like the Frigidaire Retro Fridge. It comes in multiple solid colors like black, blue, white, yellow and red. It is made of aluminum and it has an old fashioned handle for an extra touch. What makes it special at the design department is the fixed bottle opener on the side of the fridge.

Frigidaire Retro Bar Fridge


This beautiful retro man cave fridge is 32.5 inches tall. It is 18.5 inches wide and 21.5 inches deep. It is a free-standing fridge and it weighs 50.4 pounds. The capacity of the fridge is 3.2 cubic feet. It has 2 glass shelves inside and a wire guard rails on the door for extra storage.

Temperature Adjustments

It has a mechanical temperature controller so you can adjust the temperature to your liking. It goes from the low 30s to the mid 50s degrees Fahrenheit. It can keep your food and beverages fresh and cool with an elegant look. It also has a freezer section with an ice cube tray included. Because you can choose between single and double door versions, the freezer can be separated.

Frigidaire Retro Bar Fridge review

Chilling Specifications

This retro-looking man cave fridge works on the compressor for the ultimate cooling performance. With the kelp of the fans, it delivers quick ice-cold drinks. It doesn’t have a front ventilation system, so it is better to keep it in freestanding mode, or have easy access to the back of the fridge.


  • Multiple color finishes
  • Bottle opener on the side
  • Ultimate cooling performance
  • Removable shelves
  • Comes in single and double door version

Conclusion:  Which Beer Fridge Fits Your Man Cave?

Choosing the right beer fridge for your mane cave is a process and in the end, you want to be satisfied with the looks and the performances. That is why I will set apart two of the best ones. First is hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator because of the large capacity and second is the Frigidaire Retro Bar for its uniqueness in the looks.

If you want to learn more about different kinds of beer fridges read my article on the subject of best beer bottle refrigerator. Take a look at the post about beer and wine refrigerator or something more unique like mini beer fridge with glass door.