Best 5 Countertop Kegerators You Need To Buy In 2022 Reviews

A countertop kegerator is a real hit on the beer machine market. The compact construction doesn’t affect its performance when compared to other full-sized kegerators. 

Highly innovative and designed to fit even the most demanding kitchen worktop, we bring you the top 5 countertop beer dispensers to choose for your own home.


What You Need To Know About Countertop Kegerators

For People Who Prefer Trouble-Free Handling 

From full size to mini, there are many kegerator types available on the market today. Take come in different capacities and sizes. However, if you’re looking for a that’s easy to handle and doesn’t take too much of your space, you should definitely consider purchasing a countertop kegerator.

What Is So Special About Them?

There are several reasons why countertop kegerators are the smartest choice. Getting the best draft experience at home should be enjoyable and simple to achieve. Thanks to their slim design, they belong in every kitchen. There’s no need to buy heavy big beer kegs. You can opt for mini-kegs as they are much easier to work with. 

Where To Buy Countertop Beer Dispensers?

Most countertop beer dispensers are available via their manufacturer’s official website. Make sure to check the list of your national distributors and other authorized resellers on the brand’s website. If not, you can always look them up on Amazon and sometimes find them at an even better price. 

Reasonable Price For A Countertop Keg Dispenser

You’re probably not willing to spend too much money on something that might not fit your needs. Full-sized beer kegerators often include twice as many costs after you buy them because of the maintenance. Countertop dispensers are cheaper compared to other kegerators, you can even get them under 100 $. Plus, keeping them clean and running won’t seriously affect your budget. 

Useful Functions That Make All The Difference

We’ve already mentioned the practical small dimensions and mini-kegs. Another great thing about countertop kegerators is that they can be carried around with no problem. You can take them on a trip or plug them in your car. You don’t need to get CO2 tanks due to pressurized kegs. Many of them also come with a few unique innovative features.

Top 5 Countertop Kegerators

Best Small Countertop Kegerator

The SUB Home Draft Beer In Black

Another High-Class Appliance from Krups

The German brand Krups is certainly a household name when it comes to producing home appliances. They didn’t disappoint with the SUB Home Draft Beer kegerator either. Prepared to give your home draft routine a new level of excitement, it features a polished black design Krups is known for. 

The SUB Home Draft Beer Dispenser Black Edition

Start Pouring In A Matter Of Seconds

It’s set up and ready to use before you know it. The instruction guide arrives with the package and it’s extremely easy to follow. All you need to do is to insert the mini keg into the kegerator and turn it around so you hear a clicking sound. That means the keg is in the right place. And that’s it. Start pouring.

Green Means Go For It

Before you even get to the pouring part of the home drafting process, firstly make sure the temperature is right. Your friends won’t appreciate the warm draft. As long as the power button is glowing red, be patient. When the SUB reaches the minimum temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, it changes to green, which means you can finally grab a glass. 

The SUB Home Draft Beer Dispenser Black Edition review

You Choose The Beer You Want

This beer dispenser takes you on a journey across the world, The SUB supports specially made TORP’s mini-kegs. Each TORP’s keg has a capacity of 2 L. Important to keep in mind is that the kegs don’t come in the original delivery. You need to buy them separately from the kegerator. On the SUB website, you can see all the breweries across the world that offer their craft beer to Krups customers. Simply by clicking on the desired draft, you decide which ends up in your TORPs mini keg.

Fresh Beer Up To Two Weeks

The SUB countertop keg dispenser works only with pressurized mini-kegs. When your TORP’s kegs get to your home address, make sure it’s properly connected to the kegerator via the included beer line. That’s important so no air gets inside and your beer stays unspoiled. By the way, if you take proper care of your draft beer, it should stay fresh up to 14 days.


  • Fits 2L mini kegs
  • Easy to tell when the beer is chilled down
  • Elegant black finish

Best Countertop Kegerator For Man Cave

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 Beer Dispenser

Sleek Black Heineken Kegerator

Here is another countertop kegerator jewel from Krups. The Krups Heineken B100 belongs to a family of ultra-compact BeerTender kegerators created by a collaboration between Krups and Heineken. This 18 inches deep draft beer dispenser accommodates a single 5L mini-keg manufactured exclusively by Heineken. The cabinet is colored black with a few stainless steel details and a Heineken logo in the front.

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 In Black

Self-Regulating Pressurized Kegs

Heineken DraughthKeg is a 5L capacity mini beer keg designed to conform to the BeerTender B100. This special type of keg goes hand in hand with Heineken’s Draught technology. Only Heineken, Heineken Premium and Newcastle Brown Ale beer flavor are suitable for the DraughtKeg technology. You don’t need to buy an additional CO2 tank and regulator because of the keg already has a built-it self-regulating pressure mechanism.

Serve your Heineken at 37 Degrees Fahrenheit

Now let’s explain how this countertop keg dispenser chills down your favorite Heineken. The cooling power comes from the latest Peltier cooling technology. The modern fan system doesn’t produce any loud noise while operating. When the bright LED temperature controller reads 37 degrees Fahrenheit, get ready for a fresh glass of ice-cold Heineken Premium beer. 

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 In Black review

An Easy Way To Put The Mini-Keg Into Place

The assembling process is also very simple. The Heineken DraughtKeg gest inserted vertically. Attach the mini-keg to the tap carefully and press down the lid. Your first pour might contain some extra foam as the pressure inside the keg is adjusting. You won’t need much to reach the minimum amount of foam and the maximum amount of delicious Heineken beer. 

Great Gadget For Heineken Fans

As a beer lover, you will love having one of these Heineken countertop kegerators in your own kitchen. But why not spread your beer enthusiasm by gifting the BeerTender B100 to one of your beer buddies? Maybe they have a DraughKeg somewhere lying around in their garage just ready to be enjoyed.


  • Works only with special Heineken mini-kegs
  • User-friendly temperature adjustment
  • Unique gift idea
  • Simple setup


Best Countertop Kegerator For Craft Beer

Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft On Tap

Your New Homebrewing Station

The Nostalgia Homecraft is a countertop keg dispenser anyone would like to have in their home. The golden finish and a stainless steel tapping system make the device an eye-catching accessory for your kitchen. It’s super-low 15 pounds weight perfectly matches home bars and office settings as well.

Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft Kegerator On Tap

Appropriate For Pressurized or Unpressurized Kegs

5-litres is the capacity for this countertop kegerator. There’s no problem whether you buy gravity or pressurized mini beer kegs. Within the Homecraft delivery package, you get 3 CO2 cartridge units that need to be installed for when you’re using gravity kegs or the growler. A sustainable growler is also a part of the package.

Have A Taste Of Local History

As a beer lover, there’s no doubt you probably have a favorite local brewery. With the Homecraft On Tap, you can deliver the great craft beer taste straight to your living room. The product features a bladder with a growler. The 5L growler can contain your favorite local beer and spare you the drive to the brewery. You can use it again and again, just make sure it’s clean after every use.

Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft Kegerator On Tap review

No noisy compressor power

The countertop draft beer dispenser from Nostalgia doesn’t have a fan motor. It runs on a highly efficient thermoelectric cooling technology. The temperature can be easily adjusted on the LED display. The lowest temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Another great thing about this mini kegerator is flavor preservation. The keg or growler can stay inserted for over a month and the beer won’t oxidize. 

Class That Costs Money

Maybe the Nostalgia Homecraft can’t beat Krups’ superior elegant design, but it can’t definitely match up. While Krups’s countertop kegerators are made specifically for customized mini-kegs, Homecraft On Tap is offering a few more possibilities. Nostalgia’s kegerator falls into a higher price range when compared to BeerTender B100 and The SUB. For more money, you get more keg configuration options.


  • Accommodates to standard 5 L mini kegs
  • Features a thermoelectric cooling system
  • Includes a beer growler that can be reused

Best Convertible Countertop Kegerator

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403

All-Around Beer Kegerator

Drinking beer straight from the bottle or can is dull. Why not take it up a notch? Now you can change your favorite bottled and canned beer into something memorable. Slide the Fizzics DraftPour gadget onto a bottle and pull up the handle. What you get is a clean-cut smooth pour.

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403

Put It In Your Suitcase

One of the biggest advantages of the Fizzics countertop kegerator is portability. Super lightweight and small dimensions enable simple carrying. Why not enjoy some beer with your office coworkers after work on a Friday? The USB adapter that comes with the Fizzics DraftPour is all you need. Or buy two AA batteries in case you forget the USB cable at home. 

Neat Foamy Head On Top

This countertop beer dispenser creates impressive a velvety layer of foam. The Micro-Foam technology is responsible for perfectly measured mini bubbles. It’s something that can’t be achieved when you pour the beer from the bottle to the glass. The rich aftertaste leaves you with a feeling you’re actually drinking homemade craft beer.

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403 review

You Can Forget About Corrosion

Rusty countertop kegerators can be a real nightmare. The top zinc coat prevents oxidation, while the polished black matte design is resistant to scratches. The biggest detail that stands out is the shiny tap handle that delivers high-quality draft taste with a foamy top layer. 

You Choose Your Beer

You don’t need to be an avid beer expert to appreciate what the Fizzics DraftPour offers. Whether you drink high-priced premium beer or simply buy your bottles from the local grocery store, there are no limits. Amber, lager, stout or IPA…It’s totally up to you.


  • Comes with a USB adapter and cord
  • Supports all beer bottles and cans sizes
  • Perfect amount of beer foam
  • Beautiful corrosion-free finish

Best Outdoor Countertop Kegerator

Coldbreak Jockey Box 1 Tap Cooler

Portable Outdoor Draft System

It can be quite a challenge to find a countertop kegerator that can be used outside even when the weather isn’t perfect. However, the Coldbreak Jockey Box is a type of a cooler that works great in the outside environment. It’s designed for camping, picnics, outdoor events, festivals and similar purposes. 

Coldbreak Jockey Box 1 Tap Cooler

Strong Construction Promises Resistance

Even if it rains, your beer will stay cold and dry. The units are handcrafted and made from a material that is durable in both dry or wet conditions. Your beer is insulated from outside impacts. Plus, it can cool other types of beverages such as wine or cocktails. 

Easiest Beer Cooling You’ve Ever Seen

Equipped with the Marine Grade Igloo cooler, the jockey box can stand any outdoor conditions. 

The keg gets hooked to the unit on the backside. Once, the beer is inserted, fill the cooler with ice. The 50-foot long stainless steel coil keeps the beer chilled as it travels from the keg to the faucet. The shanks are entirely built from stainless steel as well. 

Coldbreak Jockey Box 1 Tap Cooler review

Few Things You Need To Buy Additionally

This Igloo countertop kegerator doesn’t include the whole drafting kit. You’ll have to purchase a few items separated from the cooler. A dispensing kit comes with American Sankey couplers, beer lines and regulators. An empty CO2 tank doesn’t go together with the kit so it has to be ordered individually.

It’s A Money Well Spent

Compared to other countertop beer dispensers, the Coldbreak Jockey Box comes at a slightly higher price. If you keep in mind that power and batteries are off the table, your money won’t be wasted. You’ll be left with more cash to spend on snacks and beer.


  • Can survive any outdoor conditions
  • Only ice needed for cooling
  • Single stainless tap included

CONCLUSION: How Can The Best Countertop Kegerator Add Value To Your Home?

When it comes to kegerators, the capacity isn’t always the thing that sets them apart. It’s the ability to keep the beer fresh and cool. It’s the ability to fit any kitchen or bar. It’s the ability to secure the beer’s authentic aroma for weeks on end. The SUB and the Heineken BeerTender B10 countertop kegerators that can win you over with the modern design and the range of beer flavors. On the other hand, Nostalgia’s Homecraft On Tap countertop keg dispenser features an innovative thermoelectric cooler and many keg variations.

If you want to find more about where to find the right mini-kegs for your kegerator, visit our post about mini kegerator kegs. In addition, the post on mini fridge kegerators might be something you can find useful. Lastly, all the information you need on beer keg dispensers is also available.