Best 5 Under Counter & Built-In Kegerators In 2022 Reviews

When your home bar needs a little refurbishment, it’s time to consider getting an under-counter or a built-in version of a kegerator. Easy assembly and sleek design are meant to give your bar space a real glow up.

We’ve listed all the plausible reasons for purchasing this type of beer dispenser and gave a closer look at best built-in kegerator options on the market.


5 Reasons Why Your Home Bar Needs A Built-In Kegerator

They Come In Right Dimensions

You can install your kegerator into any type of cabinetry thanks to the rather smaller dimensions. Whether you want to place it in your kitchen, under the bar or built it into your garden cabinets. Most of them come with a slim design so fitting them in shouldn’t be a big of an effort.

An Upgrade To Regular Kegerators

Regular kegerators come in free-standing options. However, built-in keg fridges often have three options: they can be put up against the wall, built-in or put under the countertop. Caster wheels can be removed so the kegerators turn mobile and get replaced with leveling legs when the kegerator gets built-in.

Make Your Friends Jealous

Great beer and great company go hand in hand. Bar with a kegerator built-in can be a great place to host dinner parties for your friends. It not only looks impressive and elegant, but it also gives you ice cold beer. You can serve them a flavorful draft straight from the tap. 

Transform Them Into Fridges

Kegerator that can be used as a food container. That’s the great feature built-in kegerators offers. When you’re not drinking beer, you can take out the keg and insert storage shelves for food and drinks.

Where You Can Buy Them

If you’re not sure where to start with your research, visit Amazon. There you can find many useful reviews left from customers all over the world that can help you decide which kegerator best suits your needs. Mase sure you know what you’re spending your money on.

Top 5 Under-Counter And Built-In Kegerators

Best Outdoor Built-In Kegerator 

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

Keep Your Guest On Their Toes

Being a good party host requires having not only an entertaining personality but also the best outdoor built-in kegerator. If you’ve decided to purchase a high-quality beer dispenser to cheer up your garden parties, this model from EdgeStar will satisfy your hosting needs. It comes with four casters for easier rotation and transport. 

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

Detach The Wheels For Proper Setup

The rolling casters can be taken down for installation purposes. This under-counter kegerator features a front ventilation system so the backside can be positioned against the wall. However, make sure to leave a reasonable amount of space between the wall and the free-standing unit. 

Triple Beer Tower Gets Chilled

All essentials for crafting draft beer your guest will appreciate goes together with the 7000SSODTRIP outdoor built-in kegerator. The base is the powerful triple beer draft tower. The shiny stainless steel column features three stainless steel faucets with black easy-to-pull tap handles. The triple tap system has a three-way air distributor that delivers the cold air from the center of the cabinet all the way to the faucet. Other utensils like a CO2 gas tank, dual gauge regulator and beer lines are also included.

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator review

Energy- Saving Stainless Steel Fridge

The cabinet is reinforced by heavy-duty metal construction so the cooling system doesn’t need to waste a lot of energy to keep the temperatures at the desired level. The EdgeStar outdoor kegerator is equipped with a new cooling technology that lets you set the temperature anywhere between 32 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The digital thermostat that it comes with is user-friendly and easy to use.

Lights For More Visuality

Now that you’re got the beer kegerator handled, you just need beer kegs. The various options you can choose from are as follows: single full-size, oversized, ¼ barrel, slim ¼, keg or 3 ⅙ barrel and 3 Cornelius kegs. When you need storage space for your food and snacks, put in two storage shelves. The attractive interior LED lightning helps you have a better look at the content in the fridge. 


  • Built-in keg fridge for outdoor events
  • Full-size keg capacity
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Can be turned into a fridge for food

Best Indoor Built-In Kegerator

Kegco HK38BSU-2 Keg Dispenser

Convenient Residential Kegerator For Your Kitchen

The 24 inches wide kegerator from Kegco is one of the best built-in kegerators that you can currently find on the market. Due to its wide temperature range, it can store not only beer but also coffee, kombucha or wine. It’s designed for indoor use. It can be placed as a free-standing unit anywhere in your house or office or built into cabinetry.

Kegco HK38BSU-2 Keg Dispenser

X’Clusive Premium Direct Draw Kit Included

With enough capacity to store 2 beer kegs, it accommodates two ¼ barrel slim kegs, three 5 gallon kegs or only one full-size keg. The double draft system consists of 3 inches diameter stainless steel beer column with a dual polished stainless steel faucet. The beer column is air-cooled as the entire cabinet. The Kegco LH-542-2 dual gauge regulator controls the gas in the Kegco Aluminium 5 lb CO2 tank. Kegco KT85D-L “D” system keg couplers and beer lines are available as well.

Refrigeration On A Higher Level

The compressor that powers this built-in kegerator belongs to the best-performing ones. If you want to adjust the temperature, use the buttons on the digital control dial. You can change from Celsius to Fahrenheit and the other way around. The lowest temperature possible is 23 degrees Fahrenheit while the highest is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Next to the temperature controller is also the interior light switch. 

Kegco HK38BSU-2 Keg Dispenser review

Door Alarm For Security

The kegerator cabinet comes in a simple yet classy black finish. The stainless steel right hinge door can be locked to ensure the security of your beer. You have to options for the door handle, the curved type or the towel bar type. Food can also be stored on top of two adjustable shelves. In case you forget the shut the built-in keg fridge, the alarm will go off to inform you.

Cleaning Kit Available

The material that the Kegco dispenser is made of is resistant to decoration. The stainless steel interior can just be wiped with a damp cloth. The guard rail and the drip tray on top can be taken off and cleaned in warm water. The product features a cleaning kit. 


  • Two kegs capacity
  • Free-standing or built-in installation
  • Dispensing and cleaning kit featured

Best Built-In Kegerator For Man Cave

Marvel MO24BTS2LS Beer Dispenser

Built-In Kegerator On Wheels Or Legs

Outdoor built kegerator from Marvel should be your first choice if you love spending time in nature. It can be put up in your backyard or patio and set in place thanks to its leveling legs. However, for the portable option remove the legs and add on caster wheels and you can move it from one place to another. 

Marvel MO24BTS2LS Beer Dispenser

High Power Beer Refrigerator

Marvel’s Dynamic cooling technology makes sure your beer stays fresh and chilled. The unit reaches the lowest temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit faster compared to other outdoor kegerators. The beer keg won’t freeze because the compressor prevents frosting. You can customize two additional shelves that come with the product and transform it into a regular fridge.  Plus, if the temperature level drops to low or goes to high, an alarm goes off.


The volume capacity of the unit measures 5.7 cu.ft. A pretty rare feature the built-in keg fridge from Marvel offers is the ability to store all types of packages, from kegs to cans. It fits ½ barrel keg, a Pony keg, ⅙ barrel keg, a Cornelius keg including any beer bottles and can sizes. It all depends on how to decide to arrange the beer inside the kegerator.

Marvel MO24BTS2LS Beer Dispenser review

Durable Exterior That Survives Any Conditions

One of the best built-in kegerators, when it comes durability, is this model from Marvel. The strong built stands firm against any outdoor influences such as rain or UV rays. The stainless steel finish will stay corrosion-free even in the most humid environments. The unit can resist extremely high temperatures, even 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  

No Foam In Your Beer

The reversible locking door keeps the cabinet insulated. The double beer draft system has a stainless steel beer tower with fan-forced cooling. The safety rail on top prevents mugs and glasses from ending up on the floor. The CO2 cylinder can be located inside or mounted on the side.  


  • Only kegerator suitable for kegs, bottles, and cans
  • Mobile on rolling wheels
  • Wear-resistant exterior
  • High-quality cooling abilities

Best Built-In Kegerator For Garage

Beer Meister Premium Series Dual Tap Kegerator

Beer Makes A Cold Journey

The built-in keg fridge produced by Beer Meister is the proud member of the Beer Meister Premium Series line of kegerators. The company is a familiar brand when it comes to high-quality kegerators and this one is no exception. Apart from the cabinet’s cooling system that makes the keg cold, the dual draft tower is air-cooled as well.

Beer Meister Dual Tower Black Door Kegerator

Regulate The Temperature Comfortably

The temperature can be arranged between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It can easily be adjusted on the digital control panel that’s located on the right top corner when you open the door. The front ventilation enables built-in installation or it can be put up for free-standing use.

The Right Shape For Your Garage

If you love a beer cooler that is both powerful and appealing, turn your garage into a perfect space to house a bar with a kegerator built-in. The 24-inch wide under-counter kegerator comes in full-size and has enough volume to fit ½ barrel, ¼ tall barrel, a pony or a Cornelius keg. 

Beer Meister Premium Series Dual Tap Kegerator review

Comes In Classic Black

Most kegerators go together with a simple white interior, but this Beer Meister built-in keg fridge has a sleek black interior finish and internal LED lights. The floor is reinforced with heavy-duty stainless steel. The cabinet exterior is also made from stainless steel with a right hinge black door and a long shiny handle.

Easy-To-Assemble Tapping Kit 

The dual tap beer system comes with the under-counter kegerator for simple pouring. The drip tray gets taken off when you built the kegerator under the bar counter. Two “D” system couplers and beer lines connect the full-size to the stainless steel beer column. CO2 cylinder and CO2 regulator are also a part of the tap kit.


  • Beer tower is refrigerated
  • Temperature as low 30 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Supports any full-keg

Best Commercial Under-counter Kegerator

Summit Appliance SBC58BBIADA Kegerator

High Performance From Summit 

Summit Appliance family of kegerators stands for quality and durability. This commercial grade built-in kegerator meets the NSF-7 standards. Produced from 304 stainless steel, the unit is stable enough to endure the conditions of any commercial venue such as a bar or restaurant.

Summit Appliance SBC58BBIADA Kegerator

Compatible With ADA counters

Due to its dimensions, the kegerator can be installed under ADA counters. It’s 32 inches high and can also serve a free-standing beer refrigerator. The volume capacity is 5,5 cu.ft.  Two ⅙ barrel kegs or single tall ¼ keg can be fitted into the cabinet.

Long-lasting Construction

The stainless steel cabinet features heavy-duty walls and a solid metal floor to keep the kegs in place. The door can be right-swing or left- swing which is a plus for built-in kegerators because you don’t have to worry about accessing your beer once the unit is installed. There’s a reasonably big safety rail on top and drip tray for collecting beer spills.

Summit Appliance SBC58BBIADA Kegerator review

Keeps The Beer Ice-Cold

Commercial grade externally located fan makes sure the refrigerator operates well. Your beer can reach the lowest temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature controller is inside the cabinet, next to the LED light button. The cooling system features automatic defrosting.

You Get American Sankey Draft Tap

The polished stainless steel American Sankey draft tower has two beer faucets on top. The CO2 gas tank and the regulator need to be inserted into the cabinet. Beer connectors and cleaning equipment are also available.


  • Listed for NSF-7 commercial standards
  • The capacity of 5.5 cu.ft
  • Under-counter setup for ADA height counters

CONCLUSION: Built-In Or Under-counter? Why Not Both?

Undercounter kegerator on under-counter kegerator? There isn’t really any big difference as one usually comes with the other. If you want to save floor space in your home bar, built-in kegerators are something you may want to take into consideration. EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP complements any indoor or outdoor space with its stylish design. If you’re opting for something special and unique, the Marvel Beer Dispenser for any kind of beer kegs, bottles or cans is also available.

When purchasing a kegerator for your home, if mini kegerators are on top of your wish list, read our small kegerator article. To check out what available on the beer dispenser market, head over to our post on beer keg dispensers. Plus, dual system kegerators are introduced in our article about 2 tap kegerators.