Best 3 Commercial Grade Multi Tap Kegerators In 2022 Reviews

Looking for a high-quality commercial kegerator that works great in a demanding restaurant environment. Don’t worry. No matter what questions about commercial keg cooler you’re concerned with, we have all the answers.

If you have doubts about your purchase choice, we offer you the list of best commercial kegerators you can currently find on the market. The specifications for each individual model are described in the following review.


Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Commercial Kegerator

Increasing Popularity Of Breweries

If it’s for a game, or to hang out friends or chat with your coworkers, people simply love coming to a bar for a fresh glass of beer. Cafes are slowly becoming a thing of the past as the popularity of beer-serving bars and breweries rises. And In order to grow your beer business, you need the right draft systems.

People Want What’s Authentic

“If I’ve wanted a bottle, I would have bought one at Walmart.” You’re probably also heard someone using similar words. Local brewers offer what branded bottles don’t- authenticity. The fact that the beer is homebrewed by people who love what they’re doing makes craft beer so likable among people. And the taste you get from the kegerator is priceless.

Why Are Commercial Kegerators Different Than Regular Ones?

First off, commercial keg coolers are made for industrial purposes. They need to meet the strict demands of the food and beverage service industry laws. They need to be durable and solid to last in conditions in which a restaurant operates. They mostly come in full-size or multi keg capacity. The main goal is to reach high performance in delivering draft beer.  

Special Features Make All The Difference

Desirable foam layer, the right gas pressure, indoor lighting, volume capacity…Commercial keg fridges need to feature the right combination of technology and design to fit your needs. Kegerators that come with a level of customization are especially admirable as no bars or restaurants are the same.  Probably the most important feature, however, is the temperature range. 

Consider The Smart Investment

As you know, the commercial keg fridges are specially produced for commercial needs. The lowest price varies around 1000$ for basic commercial kegerators. Those are the usual price on Amazon. If you think your business needs and upgrade at serving beer, investing in such a quality kegerator may be a good choice. 

Best 3 Commercial Grade Kegerators

Best Small Commercial Kegerator

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser

Only 205 Lbs For A Commercial Cooler

This compactly designed True TDD-1-HC commercial keg cooler is an ideal fit for any garage or garage. When you organizing an outdoor event, transport it easily with 4 attached caster wheels. It’s not heavy with its 205 pounds weight. For a standing set up where ever you like. It can also be built under your bar or kitchen counter. 

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black

Refined Appearance To Glance At

Just one look at the commercial keg cooler from True and you’ll notice the black vinyl cabinet finish. The unit capacity is ½ barrel keg. On the other hand, the worktop and the single tap draft system are both made from highly durable stainless steel. The handle on the tap is black, The chrome guard rail and drip tray prevent unnecessary spilling. 

Kegerator Turned Refrigerator

If you are looking for the best small commercial kegerator when it comes to temperature range, this model might be the one. The lowest temperature is 33 degrees Fahrenheit. The beer column is air-cooled to make sure the beer arrives at cold as possible to your glass. One additional feature that comes with the kegerator is two adjustable shelves. Those can be inserted into the unit then keg is removed as work as a storage for food.

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black review

No Energy Gets Wasted

Operating on a powerful 404A refrigeration cooling system. Like all the products from True, this commercial-grade kegerator model is eco-friendly as well. Your power bill won’t suffer as the fan-forced ventilation evenly cools the entire cabinet. The interior is insulated with stainless steel walls and a heavy-duty floor. The door is self-closing and comes with removable magnetic gaskets. 

Right Choice For Small Bars

With this single tap commercial grade kegerator, a small local bar should be satisfied. It’s not oversized and fits into small places. However, for someone who’s considering more high capacity kegerators, check the others below.


  • Built-in outdoor kegerator
  • Compact size and design
  • Air-cooled single beer tower

Best Outdoor Commercial Kegerator

Kegco HK38SSC-3 3-Tap Commercial Outdoor Built-In Kegerator

A Reliable Outdoor Cooler

The commercial keg cooler from Kegco can be hooked up standing upright or built into cabinetry. To set it under the counter of your outdoor bar, remove the caster wheels so it doesn’t move around. When it’s plugged into the power as e free-standing fridge, simply remove the drip tray and the beer tower from the worktop and install the wired shelves to convert the kegerator into a household food refrigerator.

Kegco HK38SSC-3 3-Tap Commercial Outdoor Built-In Kegerator

Your Beer Is Kept Safe And Chilled

Produced from top-grade stainless steel, both the exterior and the interior make this commercial kegerator one if the sturdiest on the market. The reinforced floor won’t be damaged while you insert a keg. The stainless steel top is also wear-resistant. The right hinger single door has gaskets that enable a secure seal. Plus, the standard locks are also included.

What You Get In The Delivery

With the product, you get a top-notch commercial grade tapping kit. The Kegco 5 lbs gas tanks arrive empty and you’ll have to fill it locally. Dual gauge regulator is also produced by Kegco as are the “D” system keg couplers. The draft tower comes with a triple set of stainless steel faucets.

Kegco HK38SSC-3 3-Tap Commercial Outdoor Built-In Kegerator review

Cooling System At Its Finest

We already know that the Kegco commercial keg fridges are no joke. The model features a highly efficient cooling system supported by a powerful compressor. The fan forces the cold air all the way to the top of the beer tower. The cabinet temperatures can go as low as 23 and as high as 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Space For Up To 3 Kegs

One full-size keg, 2 ¼ slim kegs or 3 5-gallon kegs can be fitted into the unit. It’s not only meant to cool down beer, but you can also house coffee, kombucha or wine. Depending on what sort of beverages you’re storing inside, you can set the right temperature on the digital dial. It read the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. 


  • Triple faucet stainless steel system
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Can be converted into a fridge
  • The lowest temperature is 23 degrees Fahrenheit

Best Indoor Commercial Kegerator

Beer Meister Dual Tower With Stainless Door Kegerator

Can Hold Any Full-Size Beer Keg 

No matter if you have a ½ barrel keg, a tall ¼  keg, a pony keg or a Cornelius keg- all those keg configurations can be installed into the unit and connected to the draft system. The 150 pounds commercial kegerator can be put up flat against the wall or arranged into kitchen cabinetry. The 4 adjustable casters offer a certain level of mobility. The dispenser is labeled for indoor purposed.  

Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator

Premium Series Commercial Grade Cooler

Beer Meister’s Premium kegerator line offers heavy-duty stainless steel kegerator units. The whole construction is solely built from stainless steel. The volume capacity of the cabinet is 5.7 cu.ft which accommodates a full-size keg of any type.

As Low As 30 Degrees Fahrenheit

You can set the temperature in the range between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature controller is visible as soon as you open the door. Automatic defrost mode is available. Next to the digital temperature dial, there’s an on/off button to regulate the interior LED lighting. The fan makes sure the beer column gets to a minimum temperature level as well. 

Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator review

Triple Draft System Featured

The commercial-grade kegerator package goes together with a draft system essentials. You’ll get a C02 gas tank, D system keg couplers, beer lines, and a gas regulator. Stainless steel drip tray and guard rail can be removed or added as you prefer. Triple system faucets can give access to three separated beverages at the same time.

Higher Price Range

If you put the Beer Meister and the above-reviewed kegerators next to each other and compare their prices, this last one is definitely the most expensive one. Beer Meister appliances are known for their high quality built so the higher price is not a surprise.   


  • Recommended for interior use 
  • More expensive than other kegerators 
  • Built-in setup or free-standing application 

CONCLUSION: If You’re A Restaurant Owner, Read This

Running a bar is a can be pretty stressful. There’s a lot you have to deal with in your day to day job. That’s why you need a reliable commercial kegerator that takes care of your beer while you take care of your customers. The commercial keg fridge True TDD-1-HC comes in a compact size and perfectly answers you drafting needs on a smaller scale. However, when hosting a bigger event like a festival, you may want to consider getting the Kegco HK38SSC-3 3-Tap Commercial kegerator as is designed to make any busy outdoor event a little less busy for you and more enjoyable for the guests.

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