3 Best Three & Four Tap Kegerators For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Every bar owner or brewer wants to make his customers satisfied. That implies offering them the best draft beer. Your guests will be returning for more with the following three and four tap kegerators.

In the following article, we present to you the best 3 keg and 4 keg kegerators to choose from. 

Whether your needs require purchasing a commercial kegerator or a somewhat smaller version, check out the following review for useful extra details.


Why Buy Three & Four Tap Kegerators

Kegerators Are A Must Have

Beer from the tap tastes better. We already know that. Bottles and cans are slowly being replaced by homemade craft beer. As more and more brewers embark on this journey, customers have noticed the quality as well. Local breweries are often very well visited and have also become tourist attractions.

Kegerator Is An Essential

For any serious brewer or bar, a kegerator is a must-have. It simply is. They make serving beer to numerous guests easier. Let’s not forget they are a budget savior. You only need to buy kegs. One full-size keg will cost you less. Plus, the beer kegs neede to be restocked less frequently than bottles and cans. But the benefit number one is clearly- beer from the tap tastes better.

Commercial Or Not?

For in-home use, single tap kegerators are usually sufficient. But if your supply demands surpass the capacity which residential beer dispenser offer, commercial-grade kegerators are your safest bet. Three and four tap kegerators feature the most when it comes to keg capacity and cooling abilities. However, they come in big dimensions and take up quite a space.  

Be Prepared To Cash Out

If you’ve decided to go for a 3 keg or 4-keg kegerator, the price is definitely something to be aware of. It makes sense for a factory-made kegerator to come at a higher price level. The top-quality commercial kegerators’ market price goes over 2000 $. Beer in mind that you would save on power and beer supply in the future.

How To Get Them?

Most of the beer kegerators are available on the manufacturer’s website. You can always opt for visiting the “brick and mortar” shops if you live closeby. Discounts and special offers can be found on online webshops, so ordering kegerators from Amazon pays off big time. 

3 Top Three & Four Tap Kegerators

Best Commercial Four Keg Kegerator

Beverage-Air DD78-1-B Draft Beer Cooler

Four Tap Commercial Grade Kegerator

Beverage-Air 4 tap kegerator can make any bar or restaurant seem luxurious. Reinforced construction and the black cabinet finish add to the elegant design. It’s a 79 inches wide draft system that can support up to 4 full-size kegs. Four different beverages can be offered to your customers at the same time. 

Beverage-Air DD78-1-B Draft Beer Cooler

Doing Everything To Keep The Kegs Cool

It takes a powerful refrigeration system to maintain the low temperatures of the entire 4 tap kegerator. The R290 refrigeration cooler operates on a high-efficiency level and preserves energy. It’s environmentally friendly and can automatically defrost the unit. As there are 3 doors on the cabinet, the seal is made extra strong with magnetic gaskets so no cold air gets lost. 

A Lot Of Worktop Space

The Beverage-Air four tap kegerator is wide enough to store glasses, mugs, bottles and any other bar equipment you use while serving beer to your customers. The worktop is from stainless steel and easy to clean. If something gets spilled, just take a damp cloth and wipe it away. Dual tap beer towers are placed closely next to each other. The four stainless steel faucets have anti-bacterial beer lines for beer preservation. 

Beverage-Air DD78-1-B Draft Beer Cooler review

Construction Built To Last

Heavy-duty stainless steel floor and sides make the interior super solid. The whole interior is galvanized and protected from outside impacts. There are 3 doors on this free-standing kegerator and they feature universal locks. If you forget to shut the kegerator, the doors will be closed on their own.

A Reasonable Investment For A Business

If you’re looking for a 4 tap kegerator that won’t cost you a mortgage, this Bev Air model is for you. Your best option is to contact the brand via their official website. Like any other 4 tap kegerator for sale, it can be found on Amazon and other online retailers. This purchase makes sense if you run a bar or a brewery. Otherwise, for home purposes, the price is too high. 


  • Powerful commercial 4 tap kegerator
  • Three self-closing doors
  • Reinforced interior and exterior

Best Four Tap Kegerator For Craft Beer

Kegco HBK1XS-4 Keg Dispenser

Portable Slim Bar Kegerator 

Who would think this slim 4 tap kegerator is actually produced for commercial needs? Only 23,5 inches wide and 143 pounds heavy it resembles any regular home kegerator. The flat design offers much more than any ordinary kegerator. The product comes with 4 locking caster wheels so you’ll have no trouble moving it around your home bar or restaurant. 

Kegco HBK1XS-4 Keg Dispenser

One Tower With Four Faucets

You can choose a stainless steel or black cabinet finish. However, the top is stainless steel in both color versions. The drip tray can’t be removed so if anything gets spilled on the countertop, it goes directly through the tray and into a drain. The 4 tap kegerator from Kegco features a polished stainless steel beer tower with 4 individual taps.

Share Beer From Home Brew Kegs 

Each one of the 4 faucets is connected through a draft system with 4 kegs. This 4 keg kegerator is suitable for housing 4 Cornelius kegs. The entire dispensing kit is included with an aluminum 5 lbs CO2 tank, double gauge regulator, four-way air distributor, beer lines and other accessories. Your homebrew can now be poured from four taps. What a dream! 

Kegco HBK1XS-4 Keg Dispenser review

Reinforced Interior Offers Stability

The interior of the unit is produced from heavy-duty material to enable maximum support and durability. The floor is powered by a diamond plate and keeps the kegs in place. Self-closing single door comes with a security lock. The CO2 gas tank can be inserted externally in the back of the kegerator. 

Upgraded Temperature Level Range

The stainless steel four keg kegerator is powered by a highly efficient 1/7 hp compressor. The temperature dial is placed outside on the back of the cabinet. The temperature ranges from 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold air gets all the way to the beer tower thanks to the fan-forced air circulation. That way your craft beer is cold and ready to be tapped at ay given moment.


  • Commercial grade kegerator suitable for home bars
  • Supports up to 4 homebrew kegs
  • Excellent cool air distribution

Best Outdoor Three Tap Kegerator

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

Roll It Out On The Patio

When it comes to 3 tap kegerators, finding the right ones for outdoor purposes can be a real challenge. As most of them are indoor dispensers, this EdgeStar beer fridge is a real refreshment. In just a few steps the unit becomes portable on swivel casters. Your triple-tap kegerator goes together with two adjustable shelves for refrigerator conversion.

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

Arrange It Next To Your BBQ

The 7000SSODTRIP triple kegerator is 24 inches wide which are ideal measures for installing in under your kitchen counter or home bar top. When it’s built-in, the guard rail gets removed and the drip tray can be put back under the tap., You can also position it to stand free outside, next to your BBQ. The cabinet is built from high-quality stainless steel and matches any cabinetry design. 

High-Performance Cooling Technology 

The brand new technology from EdgeStar allows the temperature to go as low as 32 and as high as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That’ s more than any kegerator from this brand can accomplish. The system that keeps the unit cool is connected to the draft towel as well so the beer stays cold all the way as it travels from the keg to the tap. It accommodates 3 ⅙ barrel or 3 corny kegs.

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator review

User-friendly Digital Temperature Display

The digital temperature control panel makes it easy to adjust the desired level of cooling temperature of your 3 keg kegerator. However, the thermostat isn’t placed on the outside. You must open the door to reach it. That makes sense because once you’ve set the right temperature you won’t have to worry about someone changing it. The control panel also has a switch for the interior LED lights. 

Triple Effect On Your Kegged Beer

The model features an impressive 3 tap kegerator kit. The triple tap beer tower is getting cold air distribution at the same time as the kegs inside the unit. That possible thanks to the three-way air distributor that is also a part of the kit. C02 tank arrives empty and you’ll need to fill it with gas. Other included components are a dual gauge gas regulator, beer pipes, removable stainless steel drip tray, and guard rail.


  • Outdoor 3 keg kegerator
  • Dispensing kit included
  • Temperature controller intuitive for use
  • Can be turned into a fridge
  • Removable drip tray and guard rail

CONCLUSION: Three And Four Tap Kegerators Are Exactly What Your Restaurant Or Home Bar Needs

Whether you’re a beer expert ready to share the fine craft beer with the rest of the world or simply love inviting friends to your home, get the ultimate draft experience. Spacious design and solid performance- that’s what 3 and 4 tap kegerators deliver. The Beverage-Air DD78-1-B is a real class among commercial grade 3 keg kegerators. It will fit your bar perfectly and leave your guests speechless. On the other hand, if a smaller version is more appropriate for you, the outdoor EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP triple kegerator will win you over with its ultra-compact design.

To learn more about other models of kegerators, click on this post about beer keg dispensers. All the important details you need to know about buying a kegerator for outdoor events, visit the article on outdoor kegerators. The two draft system beer dispensers are described in our dual kegerator post.