Best 5 Retro & Vintage Beer Fridges For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Even though you probably live in a modern home, there is no denying the charm that the retro beer fridge brings.

A vintage mini fridge can add to the flair and style to your kitchen and you are getting more space for your favorite drink – beer. That is why I made a review of the best retro beer fridges on the market so you can pick the one to enhance the visual appeal of your home.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Retro Beer Fridge

Style Of The Fridge

When buying a vintage style beer fridge you might get overwhelmed with the colors and designs. With this kind of appliance, you can get crazy. Choose a vivid color and quirky style. It might just lift your room a level up. Of course, you can always choose an elegant silver or black color for a timeless effect.

Don’t Forget To Measure

It is fun to go shopping for the retro fridges, but keep in mind that you still need it to fit into the cabinetry if you are looking for a built-in one. Nowadays you can get a classic modern construction with a retro finish design so that you are sure it will fit your space.

Temperature Specifications

The main purpose of any fridge is to cool down the beverages and keep the snack fresh. That is why you should always check for the temperature performances. You don’t want that beautiful appliance to stand on the display and not do the job well. After all, this is not a cheap investment.

Build Materials

The retro beer fridges can often be camouflaged in beautiful colors and designs. Keep in mind that the build materials are equally important as the temperature range. It needs to be quality made, preferably stainless steel, so that it can last you a long time and that the coldness doesn’t get out.

Additional Features

The great thing about vintage style beer fridges is that they often come with something different that you can’t find on the modern refrigerators. Sometimes it is just a different door handle and sometimes is a bottle opener built in the door. There are endless options to choose from.

Best 5 Retro & Vintage Beer Fridges

Best Mini Retro Beer Fridge

Frigidaire IGLOO Retro Compact Refrigerator

Retro Design

This mini-fridge comes in the red and blue color. It has a reversible door so you can choose do you want it to open to the left or right. The handle and the decorative elements o the fridge are not stainless steel but they look like it. That silver color of them adds to the sophisticated look.

Frigidaire IGLOO Retro Compact Refrigerator

Dimensions And Size

This Igloo fridge is really mini beer fridge. It is 19 inches high and 19 inches wide, but it goes 17 inches deep. That means it has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. There is one wire shelf inside the fridge. You can remove it and modify it according to your needs. There is also an extra storage room in the door where are two deep plastic shelves.

Temperature settings

This beer fridge works on the same principle as any other big one and it does a good job. It is a compressor-based unit and it is CFC free. It comes with the adjustable thermostat for easy modifications of the temperature levels. It is made of plastic but is reinforced in insulation.

Frigidaire IGLOO Retro Compact Refrigerator review

Additional Elements

Additional features on this mini retro beer fridge are the bottle opener on the side and ice cube tray inside. You won’t have to look around for a bottle opener anymore. As you take your beer from the fridge you just open it with the built-in opener on the side. There is a freezer in the fridge which is a shelf in the upper corner that is designed for ice making.


  • Reversible door
  • Built-in opener
  • Made of plastic
  • CFC free

Best Vintage Beer Fridge For Garage

RFR329-Red Garage Fridge

Size Of The Fridge

This Tool Box fridge has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. It is 32 inches high and 18 inches wide. The depth 20 inches and it weighs 48 pounds. It is a perfect choice for the garage or even a man cave. It is a fun unit that can easily blend in with your tools.

RFR329-Red Garage Fridge


It is a freestanding unit with 4 casters for easy mobility. It has 2 removable wire shelves for adjustments. Extra storage you can find in the crisper and door can dispenser. The great thing about this unit is that it has a handy drip tray that protects the garage floor from the leaks.

Cooling Technology

The fridge works with a powerful compressor and it keeps drinks perfectly cold with minimum energy consumption. Because this is a newer model it fits into today’s energy-conscious world, and in the long run it saves you more money than some older models. It has an adjustable thermostat for you to alter the temperature as you need it to be.

RFR329-Red Garage Fridge review

Design Features

This is a beautifully designed beer fridge but with a few details that make it special for garage. It comes in the black color of the cabinet and the red doors with grey lines to simulate the toolbox drawers. It is made of plastic and it is suitable only for indoor use.


  • Freestanding fridge with optional casters
  • Compressor powered unit
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Includes handy drip tray
  • The design imitates toolbox

Best Retro Beer Fridge For Man Cave

Danby DAR044A6LDB Refrigerator

Colorful Design

This model comes in a few different colors. You can choose from silver, black, white and Scarlett metallic red door finish. The interior is in black color. It has an integrated ergonomic door handle. It features a door lock at the bottom for extra security. The top is coated and scratch resistant worktop.

Danby DAR044A6LDB Refrigerator

Product Dimensions

This retro beer fridge weighs 65.3 pounds. It is 33.1 inches high and 21.3 inches wide. The depth is 20.8 inches. It has a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet. It has 3 glass shelves, see-through crisper and additional storage in the door. The interior is illuminated with white LED light for your convenience.

Cooling Specifications

The fridge is a compressor based on R600a refrigerant. It has the Energy Star rating which means that the electric consumption is minimal and you get to save on your electric bill. You can also adjust the temperature with the state-of-the-art mechanical thermostat. It is easy to maintain and clean because of the automatic defrost system.

Danby DAR044A6LDB Refrigerator review

Retro Features On Modern Fridge

The Danby made the whole collection inspired by the retro-designed beer fridges. It is a simple and compact beer fridge made for the modern consumer. This model has a convenient reversible door hinge that allows you to adjust it for the left or right opening. You can also find smaller models of this fridge, in different colors and capacities.


  • Patented design
  • Rated with the Energy Star
  • R600a refrigerant
  • Automatic defrost
  • Smooth black design

Best Under Counter Retro Beer Fridge

Coors Light Compact Fridge

Original Design

This is the retro fridge made by Koolatron company with official Coors Light branding. It will make any kitchen, man cave or garage special. It comes in white color and flat-back design so you can put it against the wall and under any counter just keep in mind to leave a 1-inch room around it for ventilation purposes.

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L


The fridge is built with a high-quality compressor which is efficient and it can quickly cool your drinks to the desired temperature. It has an adjustable thermostat so you can set the temperature in the range from 28 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is energy efficient and vibration-free so you will have no noise trouble when watching a game.

Storage Space

There is enough space inside the fridge to store around 50 standard-sized cans.  It has two removable shelves made of glass that you can adjust them as you need. There is a can dispenser in the door as is the additional storage space. It has a small freezer compartment at the top of the fridge.

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L review

Bottle Opener

For your convenience, this beer fridge has a bottle opener installed at the door. No more running around the house in search of this little thing. You just take your beverage, close the door and pop it open. In addition, there is a feature of a reversible door, so you can install the hinge to open the door to the left or to the right.


  • Installed bottle opener
  • Large capacity in a compact design
  • Original exterior design
  • Wide range of temperature

Best Retro Beer Fridge With Glass Door

KITMA Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

Powerful Cooling System

This is a powerful refrigerator with ETL certification. It has a whisper-quiet compressor. It works together with the interior fan that distributes the cool air equality through the cabinet. That also contributes to the consistent temperature inside the cabinet. The glass door is reinforced to keep the coldness inside.

KITMA Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

Large Capacity

It is a modern fridge but with retro finishes so you can display your collection of beer. The KITMA beverage refrigerator has a 3 cubic feet capacity. It has 3 removable chrome shelves that you can adjust to your needs. It can hold up to 110 standard-sized cans or up to 50 bottles of 750 ml.

Temperature Control

This unit has a simple temperature controller so you can maintain the temperature that can go between 34 degrees to 43 degrees Fahrenheit. The controller can be turned clockwise and it shows numbers from 1 to five. The lower the temperature you want, the higher the number you have to turn.

KITMA Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator review

Glass Door And LED light

This retro-styled beverage cooler comes with the left hinged door and they cannot be reversed. The cabinet is in black color and the door frame is also black. The interior is in classic white color. In addition to that, there is an LED light installed inside so you can view your drink in the low light or at night.


The fridge is 35.3 inches tall which is higher than the others on the list because the cooling system is situated at the top. It is 21.26 inches wide and 18.2 inches deep. It weighs 57.2 pounds. It is suitable even if you want to install it under counter.


  • ETL Approved
  • Simple temperature control
  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable shelves

Conclusion: Which Retro Beer Fridge Is Your Style?

To bring a little style into your house, a nice small retro beer fridge might be the right option. If you agree with that, why not choose something small and original like Igloo Retro Compact Refrigerator or if you prefer a classic look with retro finishes, go with Danby DAR044A6LDB Refrigerator.

Either way, you will be satisfied with the performances. If you want to learn more about beer fridges read the article about the best beer refrigerator. There is also a review of the best wine and beer cooler or if you look for something smaller take a look at the best mini fridge for beers.