Best 5 Complete Beer CO2 Keg Tap Systems In 2022 Reviews

Finding the perfect beer keg system can be a challenge if you’re not sure where to start. However, a keg CO2 system is a functional way to make sure your beer stays fresh all the time.

 The best beer tap keg systems can be found in the review below. All the specifications and features are explained in a simple way to give you the whole picture on keg systems. The purchasing decision is entirely up to you.


What You Need To Know About Before Buying Beer Keg System

Convenient Way To Store And Serve Your Homebrew

Your craft homebrew beer needs a safe storage place. The pressurized beer keg systems allow the right carbonation and keep is insulated from oxygen. When you want to serve your draft, the keg tap systems come with a faucet that allows easy pouring.

Low- Effort Maintenance

The portable draft keg systems don’t require a lot of time and effort to be kept clean. If you want your keg to be spotless, make sure to wipe any spills of using only a cloth and warm water. For easier scrubbing, remove the draft faucet and CO2 regulators.

Variety Of Designs Available

Commercial or home keg system, two tap or single tap, 1-gallon or 5-gallon. The range of available keg systems is quite wide. Some come in stainless steel finish, other in dark black. It’s entirely up to your own preferences. 

Do It For The Planet

The waste from beer bottles and cans is constantly on the rise. The environmentally friendly solution to those problems are keg systems. That way keep our planet safe from beer packaging as you use a durable keg that can last for years.

Where To Buy Keg Systems

The answer to that question is rather simple. Ordering online from kegerator or appliances retailer is a sure bet that you will find what you’re looking for. However, if some brands don’t have a webshop for their customers, you can always count on Amazon. 

Best 5 Beer Keg Systems In 2020 Reviews

Best Portable Keg System

GrowlerWerks Stainless Steel uKeg Carbonated Growler

Charming Small Keg System

The uKeg model comes in two sizes. The smaller version has a capacity of 64 oz and the slightly bigger version has a capacity of 128 oz. Both versions are available in three attractive finishes: Black chrome, Copper and Stainless Steel. The overall design has a nice retro touch to it. The growler has a golden carrying handle for easier transport.

GrowlerWerks Stainless Steel uKeg Carbonated Growler

Keeping The Level Of Carbonation

The mini keg system from GrowlerWerks is an expert at maintaining the beer’s natural carbonation and original taste. Thanks to the carbonation cap the gas inside is under control from going too high or too low. The cap has a CO2 pressure regulator attached to it. The CO2 keg tap system runs on disposable CO2 cartridges which aren’t included in the package. 

CO2 Keg Tap Kit Included

The assembly is very simple. You put the cartridge into the sleeve in the opening. Then you put on the cap and screw it back on. The CO2 keg tap kit includes a golden color faucet with a black handle. The handle is reversible and can be replaced by any other handle type you prefer. It also locks so your beer doesn’t get spilled. 

GrowlerWerks Stainless Steel uKeg Carbonated Growler review

Appropriate For Outdoor Activities

The double-wall stainless steel keg tap system prevents oxygen from entering and possibly destroying beer carbonated texture. The durable built is resistant to heat and proof against corrosion. If you decide to bring along for out-of-doors activities, you can keep it in your normal fridge before you hit the road so the beer stays chilled longer.

Fill It All the Way Up

Sight glass enables you to keep an eye on the amount of beer inside this portable keg cooler with a tap. Any beer types or flavors can have its place in the growler. You can buy bottled or canned beer and pour it inside. However, if you’re a craft lover you can load it at your local brewery. 


  • Portable CO2 keg system
  • Stylish exterior design
  • Variety of finishes
  • Regulating pressure option

Best Home Brew Keg System

Draft Brewer Flex Homebrew Kegging System

Make Your Hobby More Fun

All homebrewers will tell you that they enjoy their beer brewing more than anything in the world. If you’re one of those craft beer lovers, this homebrew keg system is your new best friend. Made from professional brewers, it offers a high-quality keg brewing system that will make your days more fun.

Draft Brewer Flex Homebrew Kegging System

Space Saving Keg Brewing System

It measures 10 x 20 x 36 inches so it doesn’t take up too much space. It can be put together inside your kitchen, your garage, home bar or wherever your home brewing takes place. The light and compact design provide extra portability. However, when the beer is inside, it gets heavier to carry it around. 

Tapping The Keg With CO2

When purchasing you get the entire CO2 keg tap kit in your shipment. The Draft Brewer Flex 5-gallon keg system features two Ball Lock kegs, double body CO2 regulator, two beer and two gas lines. Attach the beer lines to the keg to start pouring the craft straight to your glasses and mugs.

Draft Brewer Flex Homebrew Kegging System review

Adjustable Beer Carbonation

The pressure inside the keg system can be adjusted to match the perfect carbonation level of your beer. As there’s a double body regulator, it’s easy to keep the pressure in check for each keg individually. For adding more or less pressure, turn the control knob on the CO2 regulator. 

High-Price You Should Be Ready To Pay

This home keg system model falls on the higher price range. Smaller versions that have less capacity to offer maybe your choice when researching beer keg systems. Here you get two 5-gallon kegs and all the carbonation equipment. Investing in a good homebrew system is always a good idea. And this one definitely is good.


  • You can set the pressure level
  • Includes two big kegs
  • Ideal for home brewers

Best Mini Keg System

Keg Smiths Portable Draft Keg System

Not Just Another CO2 Tap System

The 8-pint keg from Keg Smiths is a cool looking small keg system on-the-go. It perfectly applies to any outdoor or indoor gatherings or events. It goes with your man or woman cave whenever you’re throwing a party. It also belongs outside, when you and your friends and family are enjoying a BBQ or a picnic.

Keg Smiths Portable Draft Keg System

Class And Elegance On Your Table

Made from 100% stainless steel, the keg tap system features a polished elegant appearance. The CO2 keg tap can be taken off when the growler is getting a fill of beer or when it’s getting cleaned. It supports 12 or 16-gram standard threaded CO2 cartridges that need to be bought separately. The adjustable regulator keeps the carbonation going.

Enjoy Your Beer Anywhere And Anytime

The portable keg draft system gives the ultimate chance to taste your favorite draft beer. The contents inside the keg should stay cold up to days. As the keg system is insulated your beer won’t oxidize and lose taste. For speeding up the carbonation on your homebrew, put it into a fridge or shake the keg powerfully. 

Keg Smiths Portable Draft Keg System review

For Beverages You Like Most

Who says this beer keg system is only meant for storing beer? All the delicious drinks you love besides beer such as wine, kombucha, soda or ice tea can be kept fresh inside the Keg Smiths as well. With the capacity of 128 oz, you can choose which beverage is appropriate for which occasion. Plus, coffee for the caffeine addicts can be added to the list.

Comes At A Fair Price

This beautiful and stylish mini keg tap system is a steal indeed. Keg draft systems come in many shapes and sizes, but this one has all the essentials you could possibly need from a CO2 system. The only additional cost is the disposable C02 cartridges.


  • Sleek stainless steel finish
  • Good for outdoor use
  • Can store other beverages 

Best Keg System For Craft Beer

NutriChef Pressurized Growler Tap System

Store Up To 128 oz Of Craft

This homebrew keg system will satisfy all your beer storing needs. The keg can be filled with an overall 128 oz of beer. Whatever you taste in beer might be it won’t go bad even for two months.  Craft beer, draft beer or homebrew, it can all be tapped from this compact keg draft system.

NutriChef Pressurized Growler Tap System

Air-Insulated Portable Keg Cooler 

Once the beer is inside, the hex cap makes sure there’s an oxygen-proof barrier between your homebrew and the air outside. The container is 304-grade stainless steel and perfectly preserves the desired level of carbonation. It’s highly resistant to humidity and high temperatures so you can take it to outdoor activities.

Detachable Stainless Steel Tap

All the tools necessary for tapping come with the product. The setup manual shows all the steps to put together your beer keg system. First, the metal lid and the cap need to be securely screwed on before the faucet is attached. All you got left is to pull the tap and your beer gets flowing.

NutriChef Pressurized Growler Tap System review

Adjust The Pressure On The CO2 Keg Tap

The PSI of the keg system is controlled by the C02 regulator gauge. You can manage the pressure simply using the controlling grip. It’s compatible with standard 16-gram CO2 cartridges that need to be purchased individually. Just like the tap system, the CO2 hardware can be removed too.

Cleaning Made Easy

Thanks to its relatively small dimensions, the NutriChef Growler is not difficult to maintain. You don’t worry about CO2 tanks or power cables. The metal cover can be scrubbed separately under hot water. Be careful not to use any chemical substances that might damage the interior of the keg system.


  • Can be filled with craft, homebrew or draft
  • Removable draft tap
  • 16-gram CO2 cartridges needed
  • Easy maintenance

Best Keg System For Man Cave

BACOENG Pressurized Keg Growler

Up-to-date CO2 Kegerator

From now you can say goodbye to flat beer in your man cave. With the improved pressure- regulating system, the BACOENG CO2 keg tap will give you the perfect pour with a minimal amount of foam. A strong dual-stage gas regulator protects your beer from losing the valuable level of carbonation. The pressure knob allows you to choose the pressure level.

BACOENG 128 Ounce Pressurized Keg Growler

What The Package Contains

With this homebrew keg system comes the already mentioned CO2 controller, a dispensing faucet from stainless steel with an easy-to-pull black handle and a beer hose. Government warning is included for health- safety reasons  The instruction manual is meant to make setting up easier. 

Perfect Pour Technology 

128 oz of delicious beer will stay cold and keep its original aroma thanks to BACOENG’s Perfect Pour Regulating System. It applies to disposable 16-gram CO2 cartridges. Together with the pressure regulator, you can turn your pouring skills into a real masterpiece.

BACOENG 128 Ounce Pressurized Keg Growler review

Your Favorite Party Accessorize

BACOENG beer keg system is highly transportable. The solid stainless steel construction lets you take 8 pints of cold beverage to the next party location or beer event. For a more low key gathering, invite your closest friends and family to your man cave and serve them with your flavorful draft.

Beautiful Gift For Brewing Enthusiasts

Gifting someone a homebrew keg system is a nice way of showing you are thinking of them. Appealing polished stainless steel design will bring a smile on your friend’s face. You can also have it filled with craft from his beloved brewery. 


  • Holds 8 full pints of beer
  • Feature a special pour regulating system
  • User’s manual included

CONCLUSION: Why You Should Buy A Beer Keg System

Keg systems can prolong the taste of your beer and keep it ice cold for a reasonable amount of time. The CO2 cartridges that are needed in order to get the right level of carbonation are not so expensive so purchasing a keg brewing system is a cost-effective solution. Most of the CO2 tap systems are portable and easy to carry which is another big advantage. Mini keg tap system is a useful accessorize and the GrowlerWerks uKeg sets the right example. If you’re more of an active homebrewer, than this homebrew keg system from Draft Brewer Flex will win your heart.

To get all the latest information on beer kegerators, head over to our beer keg dispenser article. If you don’t know which mini cooler belongs to your kegerator collection, check out our post on mini kegerators. Lastly, in case you’re looking for a suitable kegerator for hosting outdoor parties, read the article about outdoor kitchen kegerators.