Top 5 Mini & Small Beer Fridge For The Price In 2022 Reviews

Do you want a beer fridge but don’t have enough space?

Then the mini beer fridge is the right thing for you. It is small in size so you can fit it on your table and it can store enough beverages for a small party. I listed the best ones on the market and you choose the one for your space.


Things To Consider About Small Beer Fridges

Power Type

Before you go and purchase the cutest mini fridge you should consider what type of power do you want. You can choose from Thermoelectric, compressor fridge or absorption fridge. Thermoelectric is good for short-term use. It is using the pump to transfer heat from one side to the other and it doesn’t make any noise. Compressor fridge has a motor that pumps the vaporized liquid and there is a little noise to it but it can cool better so you can even put food inside. Absorption also uses a source of heat but it is longer lasting.

Style And Design

When you decide on the power it is time to choose the style. The most common small beer fridge for sale is the cube. They usually have a capacity of around 40 liters, so they can fit a lot inside and they are easy to move. Another commonly-used fridge is mid-sized. It has a larger storage space but they come at a higher price. The third option is under the counter fridge. It is the biggest of them all but it is still practical.

Capacity And Size

When buying a mini-fridge you have to consider the capacity and size. Most of the mini-fridges are easy to move around and install them on the tabletop. The installation shouldn’t be a big issue. That is why you need to pay more attention to capacity. What kind of beer you like to drink, is it packed in cans or bottles, how big is the package. Once you take care of that you can choose the best mini fridge for beers on the market.

Temperature Range

What you have to keep in mind is the temperature. Not all fridges have the same temperature range and not all of them are suitable for drinks and food. That is why you have to decide what are you going to use it for and accordingly choose the right one. This list is about beer fridges so most of the different types will work, but keep in mind the right temperature because nobody wants to drink a warm beer.

Top 5 Mini & Small Beer Fridge

Best Mini Fridge For Beer Bottles

Kegco VSCB-24SSRN Beverage Center

Craft Beer Center

This is the beverage center designed for craft beer enthusiasts. It is perfect for storing large bottles of beer. It features stable shelves that support bottles and provides extra coldness. That is extremely important if you plan on keeping the beer for a longer time. It is practical and portable and for this size, it has a large capacity.

Kegco VSCB-24SSRN Beverage Center

Fridge Shelves

This small beer fridge has two metal shelves that have enough space between them to put large bottles upright. The 750 ml bottles can be stored inside. Another great feature is that the shelves are extendable. You can pull them out completely so you have easy access to your collection without messing up the bottle arrangement.

Temperature Range

This beer bottle mini fridge has an advanced digital display. It is user-friendly with touch controls of wide range temperature settings.  You can go high enough for age the cellar beers or low for serving refreshing cold beers. The low temperature goes from 39 degrees Fahrenheit and it can go high to the 64 degrees F.

Kegco VSCB-24SSRN Beverage Center review

Capacity Of The Fridge

The Kegco Beverage Center is 33.9 inches tall, 23.6 inches wide and 23.4 inches deep. It weighs around 114 pounds and it has a total capacity of 6.1 cubic feet. It can fit up to 60 standard-sized beer bottles which are quite enough for any beer enthusiast. Also, if you are planning a party or home gathering, this little thing will not disappoint. 

Quality Of Production

It is made of stainless steel. The cabinet comes in a black finish and the door is made with UV protection and stainless steel frame. The interior comes in a modern black finish. It has a front ventilation system which is a great feature because that means that you can build it into cabinetry. Or if you want, you can leave it to be a freestanding appliance.


  • Designed for craft beer
  • Wide temperature range,
  • UV protected glass door
  • Fully extendable shelves

Best Beer And Wine Mini Fridge

Monoprice 2-in-1 Wine and Beverage Cooler

Double Temperature Controls

This small beer fridge is looking like a normal-sized fridge but in a mini version. It has the upper zone with a separate glass door for the wine storage and the lower zone for the beer and other beverages. Because of the separate zones, this fridge features two thermostats so you can adjust the temperature according to the beverages inside.

Monoprice 2-in-1 Wine and Beverage Cooler

Touch Screen Controls

If you want quick and easy adjustment of the temperature settings than this is the mini beer fridge for you. The digital display is located at the top of the door frame so it is easily accessible. Another modern feature is the LED light that illuminates the interior for you to easily find what you are looking for.

Thermoelectric Fridge

This is the only mini beer fridge that works on thermoelectric power. Because it doesn’t require a compressor the noise level is minimal and the lifespan is increased. Thermolectric power means that the heat is transferred from one side to the other without using the motor and that also reduces the vibrations.

Monoprice 2-in-1 Wine and Beverage Cooler review


This is one of the best small beer fridges you can find on the market. It is 31.8 inches tall, it is 20 inches wide and 23.8 inches deep. It weighs 58.7 pounds. The upper zone is the smaller one and it can hold 8 bottles of wine. The lower zone is bigger and you also get an extra storage room in the door.


  • Dual thermostats
  • Separate storage for the wine
  • Touch screen controls
  • Interior LED light
  • Thermoelectric power

Best Mini Fridge For Man Cave

Coors Light Mini Beer Fridge 


This Coors Mountain Mini Fridge for man cave has a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet. It is 33.1 inches high, 17.7 inches wide and 18.6 inches deep. It weighs 55.5 pounds and it works on 120 volts power. It offers great storage space on the removable shelves and built-in freezer. There is also additional storage in the door. For a bonus feature, you can find a bottle opener at the door.

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L

Cooling Compressor

When it comes to cooling power this mini fridge has a powerful compressor that requires minimal power. It is energy efficient and it needs a little time to cool down the drinks. For maintaining the temperature at the desired level there is a built-in fan that distributes air equality through the cabinet.


The temperature range for this unit is wide. It goes low as 28 degrees and high up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. For easier control, the fridge has an adjustable temperature dial. This mini beer fridge features a mechanical thermostat that is located inside the unit next to the freezer so you can easily select your desired cooling level.

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L review


This is a compact fridge that you can put in any room and it will fit. It is designed with a flat back and it has front leveling legs so you can adjust it as you need it to be. It is a freestanding unit that comes in white color with a Coors Light logo on the door. With this design, any man cave will brighten up. The door is reversible so you can make it open to the right or to the left.


  • Large capacity
  • Quick cooling compressor
  • Wide temperature range
  • Flat back design

Best Retro Mini Beer Fridge

FRIGIDAIRE EFR176 Retro Bar Fridge

Retro Design

This is a beautiful cubic style red mini beer fridge. It has a flush back design that saves up on space. It comes in red color. The handle on the door is decorative stainless steel look alike. The Frigidaire font adds to the retro feeling and there is a bottle opener on the side of the fridge.

Frigidaire IGLOO Retro Compact Refrigerator

Inside Size

It has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. The hight of this fridge is 21 inches. It is wide 21 inches and deep 19 inches. It weighs only 35.1 pounds. It can fit all you need inside. It has one adjustable shelve, additional storage in the door and a freezer with an ice cube tray. It is easy to clean and maintain.

 Cooling Specifications

Although this looks like an older model of the mini-fridge, the compressor in this unit is updated. It offers the ultimate cooling performance. It makes your drinks ice-cold and you can make them even cooler in the built-in freezer. It is easy to use and it delivers great results.

Frigidaire IGLOO Retro Compact Refrigerator review

Adjustable Thermostat

For better fridge performance you can adjust your desired temperature with the mechanical thermostat. It is located in the back of the fridge and you can adjust the temperature with only one turn of the nob. The higher the number you choose the colder fridge gets.

Additional Characteristics

To make most of this small beer fridge the manufactures made sure that you have it all. This is one of the smallest fridges on the market that has a reversible door. You can easily adjust them to open to the right or to the left only with moving the hinge. It also comes with adjustable feet and shelves that can completely slide out.


  • Adjustable temperature
  • Bottle opener on the side
  • Built-in freezer with an ice cube tray
  • Ultimate cooling performance
  • 1.6 cubic feet of capacity

Best Mini Beer Fridge With Glass Door

Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Big Storage Unit

This small beer fridge has big storage of 4.5 cubic feet. It can hold up to 120 standard-sized cans. In this size, it can fit anywhere. The great thing about this small fridge is that it can come in various sizes, from 1.6 cubic feet to 4.5 cubic feet. It can store all you need for your next house party.

Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Adjustable Thermostat

The temperature on this small fridge ranges from 40 degrees to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a 3-grade temperature control knob so you can adjust the temperature as you like and ensure that your beverages are cooled perfectly. It is practical and efficient and it can hold a large amount of the beverages and still cool them all to frosty level.

Glass Door

When you choose the fridge with the glass door you have to make sure that they are insulated. This double-pane tempered glass door and tight seal ensures maximum insulation. Not that it just adds to the keeping coldness inside it makes sure that your beverages are always on the display and that you know what you have.

Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator Cooler review

Cooling System

The Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator works on the powerful but quiet compressor. With the fans build inside it makes sure that all the air goes equally through the cabinet. When you are looking for your favorite cool drink inside there is a soft LED light to make it easier. Also, the shelves are removable and you can adjust them to your needs. 


  • Big storage unit
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Double glass door

Conclusion: Have You Decided Which Mini Beer Fridge You Want?

Sometimes smaller is better. You can have all the storage you want but you won’t have to sacrifice a large amount of space in your room. That is why a small beer fridge is the best choice. From this list, I would recommend the two best ones. The first one is Kegco VSCB-24SSRN Beverage Center for the craft beer enthusiasts and the second one must be Monoprice 2-in-1 Wine and Beverage Cooler because of its double use.

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