Best 11 Kegco Kegerator Beer Dispensers To Buy In 2022

In case you’re thinking about getting yourself a great quality beer dispenser, Kegco kegerator is the obvious first choice for any beer fan. You can easily become a draft beer expert with the help of one of the leading brands in the beer industry.

In this post, we bring all the necessary information about the best Kegco beer dispensers and their features. The review below is useful if you still haven’t decided which Kegco kegerator model perfectly suits your needs. 


The Kegco Brand Kegerators And Beer Dispensers

Kegco – Brand That Knows What It Stands For

With a long history of producing commercial kegerators, Kegco delivers the same level of expertise to manufacturing residential beer dispensers  The company offers an innovative way to preserve and store many kinds of beverages. Kegco products combine tradition, valuable experience and modern technology. The end-user knows exactly what he gets when he buys a Kegco beer dispenser.  

A Wide Offer of Brewing And Draft Products

Kegco is the place where you get all the beer equipment you need. They specialize in a beer commercial and residential dispensing kegerators but offer much more. All supplies for home brewing and drafting beer, including clean beer kegs, beer bottles and even cleaning utensils Kegco conversion kit turns your fridge into a beer cooler and that’s something you don’t get anywhere else. 

Adapted To Modern Needs

As customer demands rise and technology progresses, Kegco stays up to date with the latest trends in the beer dispensing industry. Their kegerators feature the latest cooling systems that preserve the beer temperature. Also, Kegco’s dispensers are built from strong materials that are meant to last, whether in your own home or in a restaurant. Nonetheless, the design is attractive and convenient. 

Where To Buy Kegco Kegerators

All the Kegco beer dispensers are available on the brand’s official webshop, including Kegco kegerator kits and other brewing or draft tools and equipment. Online web stores such as Amazon have most of the models available as well. If you’re nearby, visit their store in San Diego and see the products at hand.

Top Grade Customer Service

Kegco company is keen on making sure beer lovers get everything they can possibly dream of. The customer service is always at your disposal if you need to contact them via phone or e-mail. In case you face a product-related problem, simply fill out a form on their website and your response arrives quickly. 

Best 11 Kegco Beer Dispenser Kegerators

Kegco K309SS-1 Kegerator

Special Deep Cooling System

This digital beer dispenser offers the coldest temperatures amongst residential kegerators. The Kegco K309SS-1 model has a fan-forced refrigeration system that allows the beer to stay cool. The temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit on in Celsius The digital controller allows you to set the temperature between 32 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The Deep-Chilling function is the fastest way to chill down your beer in just a few hours. 

Kegco K309SS-1 Kegerator

Spacious Dispenser That Can Be Converted

With a dimension of 23.7 x 23.7 x 33 inches and 97 pounds, Kegco K309SS-1 Kegerator can fit any full-size beer keg, whether it’s Coors kegs, Miller kegs or rubber kegs. The interior is stainless steel. The product features a Kegco conversion kit that can turn the kegerator into a regular fridge by adding two wired shelves. That gives you a place to store not just beer but also soda, wine or other beverages

Elegant Exterior Design

Free-standing and black K309SS-1 cooler can be moved around on casters that lock when the unit gets placed. Steel stainless door not only looks good but it also protects your kegs thanks to its durability. This model is a single chrome faucet system made of long-lasting and wear-resistant material. The drip tray on top can be removed and it’s easy to clean. Plus, there’s and additional guard rail to make sure your glasses don’t end up on the floor. 

Kegco K309SS-1 Kegerator review

Draft Beer Equipment All In One

When buying this Kegco kegerator, you get a beer dispenser and a draft kit all in one product. The stainless steel draft tower is connected to a faucet with a 5-inch beer line. It comes with a D system keg cooler and a CO2 tank. The double gauge regulator lets you know when the gas gets low. 

Perfect For Every Occasion And Every Person 

The Kegco dispensers are convenient for outdoor on indoor use. You can put your Kegco outdoor kegerator in your home, garden or office. Though this product is a full-size beer cooler, beer lovers aren’t the only people who are going to love it. Your non-beer friends can enjoy a cold glass of wine or kombucha.  


  • Large capacity for any full-size beer keg
  • Digital temperature control
  • Can be transformed into a refrigerator
  • Features with draft equipment

Other Version of the Kegco K309-1 Model Available

Variety of Versions

The Kegco K309 kegerator beer dispensers come as K309 digital draft dispensers or HBK309 homebrew kegerators. The products feature a single, double or a triple faucet system. The difference between the draft dispensers and homebrew kegerators is in additional kits. While the draft kegerators include all the draft equipment, homebrew coolers come with tools and utensils needed for home brewing.

Kegco K309B-1 Kegerator

Kegco K309B-1 Kegerator

This Kegco K309 model version isn’t much different from it’s Stainless Steel version reviewed above. All the technical specifications and features are the same, the only difference is the black color.

Kegco K309SS-2 Kegerator

Kegco K309SS-2 Kegerator

This Kegco dual tap kegerator comes with a double faucet system for an even more advanced draft experience. Available in two colors: Stainless Steel and Black. 

Kegco HBK309S-1 Kegerator

Kegco HBK309S-1 Kegerator

This model version is a part of the K309 homebrew line with s single faucet system. It comes in Stainless Steel and Black. 

Kegco HBK309S-2 Kegerator

Kegco HBK309S-2 Kegerator

Just as the version HBK309S-1 mentioned above, this version has a double faucet system. Available in Stainless Steel or Black.  

Kegco HBK309S-3 Kegerator

Kegco HBK309S-3 Kegerator

Last but not least, this version of the homebrew Kegco kegerator from the HBK309 line comes with a triple faucet system. You can choose Stainless Steel or Black color.

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator

Reliable Home Kegerator

The Kegco K209SS-1 kegerator model is perfect for residential use. They can be placed in any kitchen or home bar due to the mobile casters. Energy efficiency and silent work make this beer dispenser convenient for your household budget. Plus, it can be easily converted into a refrigerator for food and other drinks thanks to two additional wired shelves that are included in the shipment.    

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator

Cool Temperatures For Your Keg

You can set the temperature using the thermostat. The temperature range is between 35 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to its large interior, the kegerator can hold any full size, pony or quarter slim keg. The tank and regulator are outside the unit which saves additional space inside the kegerator. 

You Get Everything Except A Keg

The K209SS-1 dispenser comes with all the necessary tools to experience an ice-cold draft from the tap. It can all be done from the comfort of your own home. The product includes an empty CO2 tank, a draft tower, a keg cooler and a single gauge CO2 regulator. The daft tower is a single column stainless steel faucet with a handle. 

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator review

Stylish Design Built To Last

The unit’s measures are 23.7 x 23.7 x 33 inches and it weighs 75.8 pounds. The exterior is black with a stainless steel door. The plastic grill can be removed from the drip tray and cleaned using only water or in the dishwasher. A polished rail keeps your mugs and glasses of beer in place for maximum security. The interior features a durable steel floor plate that comes in hand when placing the keg inside the kegerator. 

Fair Price For An In-Home Kegerator

The Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator belongs to the middle price ranged beer dispensers. There’s no need to purchase additional draft tools as the product includes a draft kit. Only the C02 comes empty and requires gas filling. Plus, your bills are lower thanks to its energy-saving high performance.


  • Perfect for in-home use
  • Extra storage for snacks and drinks when transformed into a fridge
  • Plastic parts dishwashable

Other Versions of the Kegco K209 Model

Kegco K209 Kegerator Model line

The versions of this model come in two colors: Stainless Steel and Black. As the K309 models reviewed before, K209 kegerators also include draft dispensers and homebrew dispensers that can be single, double or triple faucet systems. All of the versions can be turned into a regular fridge. Some versions are listed above.

Kegco K209SS-2 Kegerator

Kegco K209SS-2 Kegerator

This is the Kegco dual tap K209 kegerator but with a stainless steel door. All the specifications and features are the same as for the K209SS-1 version.

Kegco HBK209S-1 Kegerator

Kegco HBK209S-1 Kegerator

Single faucet system homebrew dispenser version of the HBK209 model. You can order them in Stainless Steel or Black. Includes a Kegco kit for home brewing. 

Kegco HBK209S-2 Kegerator

Kegco HBK209S-2 Kegerator

Double faucet homebrew beer dispenser. Homebrewing Kegco kit is included. Available in Stainless Steel or Black.  

Kegco HBK209S-3 Kegerator

Kegco HBK209S-3 Kegerator

Triple faucet system for extra beer pouring experience You can order them in Stainless Steel or Black. Homebrewing kit included. 

Kegco Beer Dispenser Kegerator Parts And Accessories

Kegco offers all the necessary equipment for beer drafting and homebrewing. The parts and accessories are available on their official website or sites similar to A conversion kit comes with the product, but you can order it separately. Kegco kegerator kit includes a door mount kegerator kit, a tower kit with a Kegco faucet and a CO2 tank and kits for brewing. If you prefer purchasing parts individually and not wholesome kits, you can find Kegco kegs, draft towers, taps, gas regulators, beer lines and all the other equipment on the official website as well. To keep your beer dispenser clean, make sure you get the Kegco cleaning kit.

CONCLUSION: Why Kegco Offers The Best Kegerators On The Market?

Not many brands with such a long tradition in the beer dispensing market have remained leaders up to today. The Kegco kegerators have more than just basic beer dispenser features. Kegco beer dispensers have various versions you can choose from. The Kegco K309SS-1 Kegerator models come with a digital controller and offer the widest range of temperatures to keep your beer ice cool. On the other hand, the silent and efficient Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator model and its versions are perfect kegerators for your home. 

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