Best 5 Single Tap Kegerator Kits You Can Pick In 2022 Reviews

You’re totally into homebrewing but still don’t know where to store all that beer so it tastes the same every time you pour it? The days of bottling your craft are over. All you need is a perfect single tap kegerator that does all the work for you.

We bring you the top quality single kegerators from world-known brands. This review contains all the information you need to make a conscious purchase.


Reasons To Buy A Single Tap Kegerator

The Convenient Size

If you’re just starting out with the brewing, you may want to opt for something in a smaller version. Drafting takes practice and patience. Your first attempts at homebrewing are simpler if you have something that isn’t heavy and difficult to move in case you quit making craft beer.

Elegant And Modern Design

As your craft skills get better, so will the taste of your beer. You’ll be proud to show you’re friends what you’ve got. As we’ve already mentioned bottles and cans won’t impress anybody. Even though single tap kegerators come in smaller dimensions, that doesn’t mean can’t offer a classy exterior. You would be surprised to see they look better in a kitchen than the bigger ones.

Innovative Cooling Technology

Single tap kegerators have space to usually house one full-size keg. The entire cabinet needs to be kept cool. That’s why kegerator experts like hOmeLabs and EdgeStar have created modern cooling systems that don’t threaten the safety of our environment. Plus, they operate on a high level of efficiency. 

Reasonable Price For Your First Kegerator

If you’re thinking about purchasing your first real kegerator, single draft system kegerators are basically all you need. The cheapest model cost around 200$. They often go together with a dispensing kit that has all the essentials you need for tapping. 

Warranty Restrictions 

Last but not least, most kegerators come with a full one or two-year warranty. If you buy a single tap kegerator that is listed for commercial use, then the warranty applies only if you’re a commercial customer. However, we recommend you get a residential unit first before you gain some drafting experience. 

Best 5 Single Tap Kegerators

The Best Indoor Single Tap Kegerator

Danby DKC054A1BSLDB 5.4 cu. ft. Single Tap Keg Cooler

It Belongs Into Your Kitchen Or Garage

The Danby single tap kegerator comes with a volume capacity of 5.4 cu.ft. or 153 liters. The kegerator easily accommodates full-size kegs with the exception of Coors kegs. As it is pretty heavy with over 90 pounds weight, the best way to put it into place is to set it up in your kitchen or garage.

Danby DKC054A1BSLDB Single Tap Keg Cooler

Put On Casters For Mobility

Most one tap kegerators can be hooked up a free-standing refrigeration unit. The DKC054A1BSLDB is also no exception. Swivel casters can be added to move the kegerator from one place to another, in case you decide to relocate it. If you accidentally bump into something while relocating your Danby cooler, there shouldn’t be any visible damage thanks to the stainless steel exterior. 

Reach The Ideal Cooling Temperature

The mechanical controller allows you to choose the right temperature level. The cooling system consists of an ozone-friendly R600A refrigerator. The high-quality beer kegerator has an auto defrost option so your beer never gets frozen, but perfectly chill. Also, the compressor is quiet while operating.

Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB Dual Tap Keg Cooler review

Sleek Black Exterior That Impresses

The reversible door is in stainless steel finish, but the rest of the cabinet is in smooth black, The single beer tower on the DKC054A1BSLDB is in shiny black color as well. There’s a chrome polished drip tray and rail on easy- to- clean worktop. 

Comfortable Drafting At Home

The Dandy DKC054A1BSLDB allows you to pour the greatest draft in the comfort of your own home. In order to do that, you need to add the CO2 gas tank and the regulator by mounting it on the back of the kegerator. All other utensils for dispensing like hoses and an American Sankey keg coupler also come with the product.


  • In-home single tap kegerator
  • Smudge-free material 
  • Elegant black color finish

The Best Commercial Single Tap Kegerator

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser 

Commercial But Can Be Used At Home

The 200 pounds single keg kegerator falls into the group of commercial kegerators. It best applies to bars but you can place it in your home or office bar without any problem. It’s slimmer than most commercial kegerators so if you place it into your kitchen, it won’t take too much space.

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black

Black And Stainless Steel Appearance

Commercial line dispensers are usually produced in controlled conditions so the end result is a high-quality kegerator. Heavy-duty stainless steel exterior comes in color black. The cabinet’s interior is reinforced with stainless steel and galvanized walls. The door can be secured with a lock. The single beer tower on top goes together with a safety rail and a drip tray.

No Unnecessary Energy Waste 

The True one tap kegerator supports any beer keg that has no more than ½ barrel capacity. The drafting results in a fine chilled beer. The temperature level doesn’t go higher than 38 and no lower than 33 degrees Fahrenheit. The powerful EMC motor-powered cooling system doesn’t produce extra heat so it’s energy- saving. Plus, the refrigerator uses a special hydrocarbon technology that isn’t harmful to the environment.

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black review

Suitable For Outdoor Use

The True TDD-1-HC is smaller than other industrial beer refrigerators. You can transport it on caster wheels. That makes it possible to take it with you on an outdoor gathering, party or festival. If you need s place to store food or other drinks for your event, insert PVC wired shelves.

Think Before You Buy

Before you decide to purchase the commercial type single kegerator from True, check the warranty because of it most cases it applies to commercial customers only. All though bar or restaurant owners will be most likely in a need for such a kegerator, True made sure that residential customers can get them as well. However, the price is definitely a thing you should consider as they are more expensive than regular home kegerators.


  • Commercial kegerator that can be used at home
  • Up to ½ barrel keg capacity
  • Appropriate for outdoor events
  • Powerful cooling system

The Best Single Tap Kegerator For Home

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator

Complete Bar Experience At Home

When you get this Kecgo one tap kegerator, you’ll never want to leave your house again. The whole dispensing kit is included in the package so you have everything you need at hand. Tapping equipment includes an empty CO2 gas tank, a single gauge regulator, a D system keg coupler and a chrome metal beer tower.

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator

Various Keg Size Combinations

This 24-inch single tap system can support many different keg options including a full- size keg, a pony keg, a ¼ slim keg and commercial or homebrew kegs. Before you insert a keg, find the right position in your kitchen, home bar or office with the help of caster wheels that lock once you find the right spot.

Adjust The Temperature So It Works For You

The lowest temperature this single tap kegerator can reach is 35 degrees Fahrenheit which is common amongst residential kegerators. Thermostatic cooling technology doesn’t waste any additional energy when the kegerator is operating. The temperature level is adjustable and you can set it the way you prefer using the controller at the back of the kegerator.

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator review

Kegerator Plus Regular Refrigerator

It not only chills down your beer keg but also food and other types of beverages. The Kegco K20933-1 kegerator becomes a usual household fridge when you remove the beer tower from the worktop. In the end, simply insert two wired shelves where the keg used to be and there you have your mini-fridge.

Solid Built For A Home Kegerator

The refined exterior appearance comes in black with either stainless steel or a black front door. The cabinet’s interior is reinforced with solid side walls and a steel plate at the bottom. The top guard rail is chrome polished just like the beer tower. Removable drip tray comes with a grill that can both be washed in the dishwasher.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Portable thanks to caster wheels
  • Comes with a single tap kegerator kit
  • Can be used as a mini-fridge

The Best Full-Size Single Tap Kegerator

Edgestar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator

Finest From EdgeStar Home Dispensers

The KC3000 is a fan favorite among EdgeStar customers and we can see why. It offers more capacity than the previous models and has an insanely wide temperature range for a home kegerator. Rolling casters make it easier to take it from one place to another when you’re deciding where to set it up in your house, patio or office.

Edgestar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator

Enough Space For Oversized Beer Kegs

With the dimensions of  23.4 x 23.6 x 33.5 inches this one-tap kegerator is the best choice when it comes to full-size home beer dispensers. The unit supports oversized kegs. It accommodates a beer keg with the following capacities:  ½ barrel keg, ⅙ barrel keg, slim ¼ keg or corny keg.   

It Doesn’t Go Chiller Than This

You can adjust the temperature anywhere between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature level is easily read either in Fahrenheit or Celsius on the digital controller. A great additional feature is the Deep Chill function that automatically turns off after 24 hours. The deep Chill mode should be used when the beer keg is too warm.

Edgestar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator review

Single Tap Kegerator Kit Included

You’ve already seen the benefits of this single tap beer dispenser, but here’ s some more. The dispensing equipment goes together with the kegerator. You’ll receive a  steel column tower with a chrome faucet, a tap handle, an American Sankey Keg Coupler, a CO2 tank with a CO2 regulator, a drip tray and a guard rail for mugs.

High-Quality Refrigerator Means More Storage

The KC3000 can be transformed into a food refrigerator when you take away the beer tap system and put adjustable shelves inside. That’s how you get more storage space in your kitchen. Besides, nobody will be able to tell it’s actually a kegerator due to its cleverly crafted design.


  • Upgraded cooling technology
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Convertible into a fridge

The Best Built-In Single Tap Kegerator

EdgeStar 1500BL Built-In Kegerator

Stands free, built-in or under a counter

For everyone who just loves enjoying craft beer at home, this EdgeStar single tap kegerator is right for you. This 15 inches beer dispenser can either be positioned as a free-standing unit, built-in or placed under a counter. It’s recommended for indoor use only. For more mobility, there are 4 castors attached. 

EdgeStar 1500BL Built-In Kegerator

All Stainless Steel Tap System

The single tap kegerator kit includes a single stainless steel faucet with a polished black tap handle. The guard rail and the removable drip tray are also made from the same durable material. The tapping system is the only stainless steel accessory on the unit as the entire exterior has a black finish. 

LED Lighting Helps You See Better 

EdgeStar focuses on delivering high performance and energy-saving products. This single tap 1500BL model goes together with low consumption LED light inside the cabinet for better visuality when you open the beer cooler. The electronic cooling system is based on front ventilation. The lowest temperature you can choose is 32 Fahrenheit degrees.

EdgeStar 1500BL Built-In Kegerator review

Beer Travels Through A Cold Tower

When deciding what type of beer keg to buy, choose either a slim ¼ barrel, ⅙ barrel or a Cornelius keg. The beer flows through an air-cooled beer tower before it gets to your glass. The keg is safely placed inside thanks to a heavy-duty stainless steel interior that prevents sliding.  

Keep The Greedy Hands Away

The innovative one tap kegerator made by EdgeStar is certainly a precious device. You may want to protect it from others. The door features a safety lock in the front. The temperature control panel is also placed inside the unit. Who has no access to the keys, has no access to the beer and can’t mess with the temperature level.


  • The air-cooled single draft tower
  • The unit can be locked safely
  • Reinforced interior
  • Efficient refrigeration system
  • For indoor use

CONCLUSION: Why Single Tap Kegerators Are Good At What They Do?

Nobody is perfect from the beginning. It will take time before you turn into a craft beer expert. A single tap kegerator can be your trusty companion along the way. The Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator is a great choice for your basic kegerator as it’s very user-friendly. The Danby DKC054A1BSLDB kegerator in a smooth black finish is a great addition to your kitchen or office.

If you found this article useful, check out our post on beer keg dispensers to learn more about kegerators. Mini kegerators can be found in our small kegerator article. Lastly, in case you’re thinking about dual beer dispensers, feel free to read our article regarding 2 tap kegerators.