Best Beverage-Air Kegerator Beer Cooler In 2022 Review

You may find it hard to decide which Beverage-Air kegerator to buy. Their beer coolers offer is quite unique, so you must think twice before making the final decision.

We decided to spare you the pain and found just the right Bev Air kegerator you should definitely take into consideration. This article gives you all the specifications on the top beer dispenser this American company has in stock. 


Beverage-Air Brand Kegerators And Coolers

Well- Known American Industrial Brand

The brand Beverage-Air is a well know figure in the foodservice industry all over the USA. John Buffington established the company in 1994. You may not know this, but the company patented horizontal bottle coolers 70 years ago. Today they’re considered a benchmark in their field.  They work with business clients, but not exclusively. As a big player in the commercial market, the offer high-quality refrigeration systems.

Striving Towards Constant Improvement

They’re a foodservice and beverage industry leader but doesn’t stop them from trying their best. Beverage-Air constantly improves the quality and durability of their products as the customer demands are constantly rising. The put a lot into innovation. The products feature the newest technologies. The company takes special care of the impact their refrigerators have on the environment.  

Wide Range Of Refrigeration Equipment

The list of products they put on the market doesn’t only include Beverage-Air keg coolers. The company’s assortment consists of freezers, beverage refrigerators for grocery stores and supermarkets, food- prepping worktops, bar equipment and special industrial refrigerators. As mentioned before, most of the products are for commercial purposes.

Looking For A Place To Buy It? 

The products are available for purchase on their official website. If you live in the USA or Canada, check out the list of local distributors who offer Beverage-Air refrigerators. The simplest way to obtain your desired refrigerator is through online resellers. You can save money by visiting Amazon and ordering it on sale. 

Customer Service And Support

The Beverage-Air company wants to stay in touch with its customers. If you run into a problem, they offer a fun and easy way to reach them. You send them an SMS text with your model number and problem short problem info. Also, you can chat with the customer service team. Just click on the chat icon to start the virtual conversation. The phone numbers and email addresses are featured on their website as well. 

Best Beverage-Air Kegerator Beer Cooler

Beverage-Air BM23 Beer Dispenser In Black

Not Your Everage Draft Beer Refrigerator 

This Beverage-Air kegerator is a 180 pounds free-standing unit. It can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. You can put it up in your home, office or garage. If you run a bar, it can fit there too. The dispenser measures 28 x 24 x 37.5 inches. Bev Air 23 isn’t your everyday kegerator. Due to its full fridge capacity of 7.8 cu.ft you can turn it into a wine dispenser or water station. 

Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator

Environment Safe Powerful Refrigerator

The air-forced refrigeration system comes with a powerful compressor. It makes sure the whole cabinet is evenly cooled down. The lowest temperature you can reach is 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The BM 23 kegerator doesn’t produce noise while working. No chemicals get released and it’s one hundred percent ozone-friendly. The beer tower is also air-cooled so the beer is as chilled as it can possibly get. Another great feature is the automatic defrosting option. 

Many Keg Configurations Supported

BM23 Beverage-Air is advertised as a full-size kegerator that’s very easy to work with. It accommodates to the following keg variations: 1 ½ barrel keg, 1 ¼ short keg, 2 ¼ slim kegs, 3 ⅙ barrel keg and 4 homebrew kegs. It’s important to know that you don’t get the whole draft kit in one product. The CO2 tank and regulator, including the keg coupler, have to be purchased individually. 

Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator review

Heavy-Duty Interior Construction 

To protect your precious beer, the whole cabinet is insulated. The interior walls are made of galvanized steel to ensure durability. When sliding in a keg, the floor remains undamaged thanks to it’s reinforced built. The Beverage-Air BM23 is difficult to transport due to its capacity and weight. But when you install the swivel casters at the bottom it becomes mobile. 

Appealing Black And Stainless Steel Finish

The cabinet’s design combines a black vinyl cabinet and the stainless steel worktop. The BM 23 kegerator’s exterior is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The single door with magnetic gaskets opens and shuts with minimal effort. Don’t worry about letting the cold air out because the door will close on its own. There’re are also locks available to secure the door. The top is all stainless steel with a beautiful chrome plated single tower. Drip tray and guard trail for maximum security are included.  


  • Full-size kegerator with 7.8 cu.ft capacity
  • Heavy-duty and durable built
  • Environment -friendly 
  • Air-cooled single tower
  • No CO2 tank and coupler included

Other Version of the Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator

Another Color Version Available 

Other Version of the Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator

The BM23 beverage kegerator comes in two colors: Black Vinyl and Stainless Steel. The following version is in Stainless Steel.

CONCLUSION: Beverage-Air Is The Best Way To Keep Your Beer Chill

As the name of the company says, the air around your beverage, in this case, beer remains perfectly cool at all times. Beverage-Air kegerators are a good investment if you’re looking for a beer dispenser that is both long-lasting and has enough capacity to store your favorite beer. The Beverage-Air kegerator BM23 is the brand’s top beer keg cooler. With an efficient cooling system and strong interior construction to keep your keg in the right place, this model is the right choice for any beer enthusiast. 

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