Top 5 Coors Light Beer Fridge Dispensers To Get In 2022 Review

What a good feeling it must be to grab an ice-cold Coors can straight from a Coors Light beer fridge? 

Now you can find out exactly how that feels with your own Coors Light mini-fridge to store your cans and bottles. 

In this review, we present to you the hottest of legendary designed Coors Light refrigerators. Keep reading and find out why Coors mini-fridges appeal with so many people.


Koolatron Coors Light Refrigerators

World-known Brand Of Refrigerators

Widely popular as one of the biggest American producers of refrigerators and thermoelectric coolers, Koolatron has been delivering high- quality household and industry products since 1983. The company’s products can be found worldwide on numerous online retailer websites and in all major appliances resellers in the USA.

Wide Range Of Products You Can Choose From

Koolatron offers more than 200 products that include mini-fridges, ice coolers, wine cellars, kitchen appliances, pet care equipment, rain barrels, composters and so on. They are a licensed distributor for many big-name brands such as Coca Cola, Molson Coors, Miller Coors, Michelin, and Corona. 

Koolatron Coors Light Coolers

Kooaltron is an authorized distributor for many Coors Light products and accessories, including Coors Light mountain fridges. You can look up their range of coolers on the official Koolatron website. You can order Coors Light mini-fridges, ice chests or can coolers. Another easy way to find Coors beer fridges for sale is Amazon. 

Koolatron Corona Coolers

Coolers made exclusively for premium Corona beer bottles and cans are available on the company’s website as well. You can order Corona mini can coolers, ice chests or thermoelectric coolers. When looking for a discount, visit Amazon or other online retailers.

Customer Service And Support

For any additional information, we recommend you visit the Koolatron official website. If you need assistance with your products, reach them via phone or email. The warranty details are available on their website or online retailer’s websites like Amazon.

Best 5 Coors Light Fridge Dispensers

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L

Original Coors Light Design

Coors Light refrigerator will make any kitchen, living room or office space look stylish. The appealing original Coors Light mini fridge mountain logo in front awakens the classic vibe. The fridge is free-standing with dimensions of 17.7 x 18.6 x 33.1 inches. Thanks to adjustable leveling feet and flat construction, you simply put it against the wall.  

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L

Compact Fridge With Freezer

The refrigeration system includes a high power compressor. It’s known to be working silently. Energy waste is almost nonexistent. You can adjust the temperature level on the mechanical thermostat. The temperature on Coors Light fridge ranges between 28 to 50 Fahrenheit degrees. The freezer unit is also featured.  

More Than Enough Storage Space

This Coors Light fridge dispenser has a capacity of 90 L or 3,2 cu.ft. There’s enough space to store all your lovely drinks and food. The door shelf is useful for extra space. There are a can dispenser and space for high bottles. The product comes with two shelves that you can set however you prefer.

Koolatron Coors Light Compact Mini Fridge 90L review

No Bottle Opener? Here it is.

The sleek design is recognizable for its snow-white exterior with a Coors Light logo. The door is reversible so you can either open to the left or to the right. The door seal is improved with magnetic gaskets. As the design isn’t attractive enough, the great additional feature is the built-in opener to open cold bottles.

Fair Price For A Branded Fridge

The Coors mini-fridge falls in the middle price range. Compared to other compact refrigerators, it exceeds in the creative design and additional features such as customizable shelves and bottle opener. For a 90 L capacity fridge, you get all you need to keep your drinks and snacks cold at a fair price.  


  • Recognizable Coors Light design
  • Compact dimensions
  • 90 L capacity
  • Additional bottle opener

Koolatron Coors Light CL06 Can Cooler

Tiny Charming Can Cooler

This Coors Light refrigerator is definitely something you want to have as soon as you set your eyes on it. Small in size, this incredibly charming can cooler measures only 7,4 x 10,4 x 11,6 inches. With 4,2 pounds of weight, it’s almost featherweight. The cabinet’s capacity is 4L other 6 regular size cans of beer or some other beverage.

Koolatron Coors Light CL06 Can Cooler

“Hot N Cold” Technology In One

Fridges are supposed to be cooling, right? Yes, but this compact Coors Light mountain mini-fridge is something else. It runs on innovative thermoelectric technology that works both ways- cold and hot. The cooling system chills your drinks as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature. When you turn on the Hot Mode, it heats up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. That kind of a fridge is not something you see every day. 

Noticeable Coors Light Trademark

Coors Light fridge dispenser has the famous Coors Light mountain symbol on the door. When you want to access the cans, use the recessed door handle that also locks on its own. The exterior is made of plastic with a silver glossy finish. 

Koolatron Coors Light CL06 Can Cooler review

Get Even More Extra Space

Inside, there’s enough room for 6 cans of beer or your other favorite drink. The plastic shelf can be taken out to fit other products you might want to cool down, like dairy products or fruits and veggies. Miniature Coors refrigerator dispenser can also hold four 500 ml bottles.  

It’s Your New Camping Buddy

If you like spending time in nature or do road tripping with friends, you don’t have to think twice about getting your own Coors Light mini beer fridge. Transporting your cold beer cans in a car or RV is the easiest thing in the world. Two power cords are included, a 110 V and a 12 V one. And when you’re at home, set it up on your kitchen counter and invite friends over for a movie night. You can literally use it anywhere. 


  • Perfect size mini-fridge
  • Cooling and warming up the technology in one
  • Removable interior shelf
  • Great for any occasion
  • Portable with additional 110 V and 12 V plugs

Koolatron Coors Light CL06 Mini Can Fridge

Cozy Can Home For Your Cold Beer

You’ve probably already convinced yourself that Coors Light beer fridges are totally different than ordinary beer coolers. And this originally designed Coors mini-fridge comes in a form of the classic Coors Light can. The drink container is free-standing and comes in a nice white color.

Koolatron Coors Light CL06 Mini Can Fridge

Fill It With 8 Cans Of Favorite Beer

With the dimensions of 8.8 x 8.8 14.7 inches, this small Coors Light refrigerator shaped like a can holds up to 8 cans. If you take out the shelf you get space for 4 bottles. The interior plastic shelf helps to arrange the cans properly inside the cooler.

Always Available Chilled Cans

The 7 pounds thermoelectric Coors beer dispenser fridge comes with a powerful fan motor. The chilling system is very fast at cooling your beer down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the quality airflow, the cans stay cold all the time. It features 12 V DC and 110 V AC cords. Make sure the can cooler stays away from the sun when using it outside.  

Koolatron Coors Light CL06 Mini Can Fridge review

Portable Beer Can Carrier

It’s like a secret hiding place for your beer cans. The Kolatron Coors Light mini fridge can be used as a creative decoration for your kitchen, home bar or office. The handle on top can turn it into a practical beer- carrier. Simply pull up the handle on top and you can take it with you to the next picnic or BBQ party. 

Authentic Gift Idea For Coors Light Fans

If you know someone is a Coors Light fan are one yourself, this Coors refrigerator dispenser is an authentic and useful present. It doesn’t only chill down your delicious Coors Light but it also a cool gadget to own. How many Coors lovers e can say they have their cans inside a can?


  • Compelling can-shaped container
  • Portable
  • Unique gift idea for a Coors Light fan

Koolatron Corona Cruiser CORC-24 Thermoelectric Cooler

Cold Corona On The Go

Who appreciates good beer, appreciates Corona and will appreciate this Corona beer fridge as well. The 26 pounds cooler is a travel essential when you’re taking your Corona beer with you. The best way to take care of the beer is to prechill it before you hit the road. A warm beer can take hours to cool down.

Koolatron Corona Cruiser CORC-24 Thermoelectric Cooler

Hook It Up In Your Boat Or Trailer

This Corona refrigerator may look like a typical ice case, but it’s more than that. You need no ice,  just a 12 V power socket. It also comes with a 110 V AC plug and adapter when you’re using it in a vehicle or on a boat. It’s a must-have on your next summer vacation. Inside the cooler, there’s a lime storage space and a board to prepare fresh lime. What’s better than a slice of lime plus your cold Corona on a hot day?

Store 24 Corona bottles

The Corona cooler is 17.4 inches wide and 18.4 inches high. With the capacity of 48 quarts, it can hold up to 24 Corona beer bottles. The unit opens when you pull up the fridge cover top. The Corona brand logo is visible on the front side. Construction is made of plastic but the sides are reinforced. 

Koolatron Corona Cruiser CORC-24 Thermoelectric Cooler review

No Damage To The Ozone Layer

The high-quality Peltier thermoelectric system powers the Corona beer fridge. The temperature level can get as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler is environmentally friendly and doesn’t release any chemicals that could damage the ozone layer.  

Cool Additional Features Worth Your Money

This branded cooler is pricier than other basic bottle coolers. What makes this a good investment are the extra features and storage you get with the product. A bottle opener is built into the front side. There are four bottle holders on the top cover. And let’s not forget the tools for lime cutting.


  • Holds up to 24 Corona beer bottles
  • Great for travel or vacation
  • Additional tools for lime storage and slicing
  • Bottle opener and holders included

Koolatron Corona Ice Chest Cooler

Old But Gold

This is a real trophy for a devoted Corona fan. Inspired by the vintage design, the Corona mini cooler is an attractive item suitable for every party. Get your old friends together and enjoy a perfectly chilled Corona in your backyard. Just like in the old times.

Koolatron Corona Ice Chest Cooler

Ice Lasts For Hours

Some things never get old. Good beer is one of those things. The vintage appearance is what makes drinking your favorite Corona a unique experience you won’t forget. If you take it on a short trip, your bottles or cans will stay ice cold for hours. Just make sure the cooler is safely closed.

All Your Favorite Corona Bottles And Cans

The capacity of this Corona cooler is 13L. If you store only cans, it fits up to 8 beer cans. However, if you prefer beer bottles only, then you can fit up to 12 bottles. In most cases, you will probably want to have both cans and bottles available so you can choose the combination you desire.

Koolatron Corona Ice Chest Cooler review

Strong And Durable Ice Chest

Retro and long-lasting. That’s what this Corona cooler is all about. The colorful design looks like something your grandparents would carry around on a beach some decades ago. And the construction reminds of the old days too. The exterior is stainless steel with a chrome handle for carrying. Plus, it has a locking cover lid on top so nothing gets dropped when you pick it up.

It Stays In The Family

Just like any other retro Corona beer fridge, this Corona Ice Chest is a valuable piece of memorabilia. It’s a waste of money if you simply put it away in the back of your garage. The cooler is very easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to the quality metal built it will probably belong to your kids and your grandkids.  


  • Vintage Corona design
  • Long-lasting built
  • Fits up to 8 cans or 12 bottles

CONCLUSION: Why Every Coors And Corona Enthusiast Needs A Beer Cooler From Koolatron?

Enjoying beer is more than the simple act of drinking your favorite beverage. It’s a wholesome experience that starts with the right beer fridge and the right beer. Coors Light beer fridges and Corona mini coolers certainly offer both. Koolatron Coors Light CL06 Can Cooler it’s a fan favorite amongst Corona mini-fridges thanks to it’s cooling and warming technology. Koolatron Corona Cruiser CORC-24 Thermoelectric Cooler is one of the best coolers for traveling.

If you found this article useful, check out our post about the best beer refrigerators. In case you want to find out more about small beer fridges from other brands, read the article on beer bottle mini-fridges. Lastly, to learn more about keeping your beer and wine bottles cold, visit the article about wine beer coolers.