Best 5 Cheap Kegerator Kits For Sale In 2022 Reviews & Tips

Low-cost And High-Quality? Maybe it sounds impossible to achieve but you can have the best of both worlds. Cheap kegerator models are a great fit for anyone who isn’t willing to splurge money on a beer dispenser but wants a reliable cooler nonetheless. 

With the best cheap kegerators list that we compiled for you, in the post below you can find out exactly what makes the top 5 cheap kegerators stand out. 


5 Reasons To Why Cheap Kegerators Have All You Need

Think About Your Needs

Do you really need that expensive kegerator your neighbor always brags about? Kegerator purchase is an important decision just like any other household appliance. Be reasonable with your budget and consider the capacity you need for your homebrewing process. If you’re involved in the beer industry, weigh up the pros and cons. The goal is to stay cost-effective.

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Outdated

Cheap kegerators don’t lack in the technology department. Their cooling system isn’t any less powerful or energy-wasteful. Most of them are also eco-friendly and don’t release any chemicals while operating. The temperature ranges are also wide so the best cheap kegerators can reach ultra-low temperatures. That’s something worth your money.

They’re Available Anywhere Anytime

Any online retail stores such as has a variety of kegerators available for you. Brands also feature their products on their official website. Any additional cost may include shipping but that’s a low price to pay for obtaining a cheap kegerator. Warranties mostly last up to a year but make sure to check all the details before the purchase.

You Don’t Have To Wait For Sales

Do you sometimes spend days, weeks and months for a special offer on a certain item you like? That can be pretty annoying. Instead of dwelling on the fact that some expensive beer coolers may quite never become affordable to you, that shouldn’t stop you from living the draft life. Go for low-priced versions and pour yourself a glass. 

Extra equipment? Yeah, thanks. 

You’ll be satisfied to hear that you won’t need to pay extra money for things like beer faucets, CO2 tanks, gas regulators, beer lines and other essentials. And let’s not forget to mention that some cheap kegerator model comes with cleaning kits. You get definitely more than you pay for. 

Top 5 Cheap Kegerators To Buy

Best Single Tap Cheap Kegerator

EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator

All You Need From A Kegerator

EdgeStar is known for producing but high-quality yet affordable kegerators. It’s only 20 inches wide which is leaner than most full-size kegerators. The model is only meant for free-standing installation. Included casters help with mobility. Set it up in your kitchen, office or patio. The big interior allows you to store full-size kegs. It supports full-size, pony kegs and slim pony kegs.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator

Beer Tapping Made Easy

Cheap kegerator kit offers all the drafting essentials that come with a basic kegerator. The polished stainless steel beer tower with a chrome faucet has an easy-to-pull black tap handle. The single gauge regulator controls the pressure level. You can choose between internal or external CO2 tank setup. The drip tray collects any beer spills, while the guard railing keeps glasses on top.

Temperature Goes As Low As 34 °F

The beer refrigerator is powered by a considerably solid cooling system that works silently and energy-efficient. The temperatures won’t rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat is analog and offers a maximum of 6 different temperature levels. If you need extra cool storage space, it can be converted into a regular home fridge.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator review

Maintains An Elegant Appearance

Who says that cheap kegerators can’t look like their high-end versions? Stainless steel or black color of the cabinet doesn’t give away the low price. The door can be a right or left hinge, depending on your needs. The unit is from stainless steel construction with a metal floor for keg protection.

Perfect For Beginners

If you’re still taking your first steps in homebrewing or beer dispensing, you don’t need a commercial-grade kegerator. Simply browse Amazon where you’ll find cheap kegerators for sale. You’ll find this model listed as a best seller. Just take a glance at customer reviews and see it for yourself why people seem to love this kegerator. 


  • Full-size keg capacity
  • Can reach very low temperatures
  • Amazon’s best-seller

Best Double Tap Cheap Kegerator

Kegco HBK209S-2 Keg Dispenser

Offers Generous Holding Ability

Best cheap kegerators allow you to house multiple keg configurations. The Kegco HBK209S-2 accommodates 1 full-size keg, 2 ¼ barrel kegs and a maximum of 3 ⅙ barrel kegs. When you put in two included wired storage shelves, you can easily beer bottles and cans in case you don’t have a keg at your disposal. 

Kegco HBK209S-2 Keg Dispenser

Roll It Smoothly From Place To Place

The product comes with locking caster wheels which can make the transport of the kegerator easier. It belongs to your kitchen, garage or any indoor space where you can entertain your guests with ice-cold draft beer. During sunny and dry weather you can roll it out onto the veranda or balcony.

Enough Space For Food And Other Drinks

The cabinet can be transformed into a fridge for food and snacks. If you need to keep other beverages such as wine or soda cold as well, adjust the temperature to the right level. By turning the mechanical thermostat at the back of the kegerator you can set the temperature anywhere in the range between 35 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostatic refrigeration system makes sure there are no hot spots inside the kegerator.

Kegco HBK209S-2 Keg Dispenser review

Solid And Long Lasting Design

Modern black cabinet comes with a stainless steel door in the front. It’s easy to clean in case you spill beer over it. The drip tray can be put into the dishwasher or washed under warm tap water. If you notice smudges on the stainless steel railing or beer tower, just wipe it off with a cotton cloth. 

Direct Draw Kit Included

Cheap kegerator with the entire dispensing system. It doesn’t get better than this. For the small price you pay, you get the Kegco 5 lbs CO2 cylinder in red finish, a dual gauge regulator, beer lines and keg couplers. The most important part, however, is the double draft tower that goes together with two chrome faucets. 


  • Fits three keg options
  • Features a double draft system
  • Easy to clean
  • Moves on casters

Best Cheap Countertop Kegerator

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator 

Good-locking Gadget On Your Counter

The SPT mini cheap kegerator model has a visibly alluring design and a sleek black finish. Suitable for kitchen or bar worktops, it allows your beer to get ice-cold in less than a day. The unit weighs around 14 pounds. It’s portable and easy to handle.

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator

Standard Gravity Kegs Vs. Heineken Kegs

The compact beer kegerator accommodates 5L beer kegs. Except for regular 5L mini.kegs, you can slide in a Heineken keg of the same capacity. The only difference is, Heineken kegs are already pressurized and don’t need the C02 equipment for gas regulation. 

Reduce The Foam

Three CO2 cartridges come with the product. Each should be able to keep the keg system operating for about a month before you have to insert a new one. While adjusting the CO2 pressure, you manage the foaming. The entire assembly is simple and explained in the manual.

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator review

Beer Cooling Faster Than Ever 

The LED thermostat makes temperature adjustment comfortable. The temperature ranges from 36 to 39 ℉. The thermoelectric cooler is strong enough to chill down a warm keg in approximately 20 hours. It’s the best cheap kegerator when it comes to cooling abilities. 

Effortless Cleaning Process

A drip tray is attached to the unit to prevent beer dripping. The CO2 regulator kit is separated from stainless steel tap so you don’t have to worry about detaching it while cleaning the tap handle. The scratch-resistant exterior is easy to maintain.


  • LED temperature controller
  • Accepts pressurized Heineken kegs
  • Fast chilling feature

Best Cheap Outdoor Kegerator

Kegco MDK-209 Full-Size Kegerator

Cheap Kegerator With Enormous Interior

This Kegco full-size beer dispenser can easily be considered the best cheap kegerator when it comes to all the keg options it can hold. It’s suitable for storing fit 1 full-size keg,1 pony keg or 1 ¼ slim keg, 2 5-gallon commercial kegs or  5-gallon homebrew kegs.

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator

Roll It Onto The Patio

The cabinet is mobile thanks to casters that come attached to the product. You can keep it in your kitchen or garage to serve beer when hosting indoor gatherings or you can bring it out to your patio when having friends over for a BBQ. When you choose the perfect location, the casters will lock in place.

Can be transformed Into A Fridge

The thermostat is located in the back of the cabinet exterior. The temperature can be set between 35 and 42 ℉ using the mechanical controller. The high-quality cooling system uses less energy than usual full-size kegerators. When you don’t need it for beer storing purposes, it offers enough space to keep food and snacks cold.  

Kegco K209SS-1 Kegerator review

Sturdy Built From Stainless Steel

Kegco kegerator features a black finish design and stainless steel door. The protective plate on the stainless steel floor ensures a high level of durability when inserting the kegs. The chrome polished rail and plastic drip tray can be taken off the worktop. 

Good Price For A Full-Size Kegerator

Some cheap kegerators don’t include the whole dispensing kit. However, the single draft system with a stainless steel faucet is a standard part of the package. You get a new 5 lbs CO2 cylinder, a single gauge regulator, D keg couplers for homebrew kegs and other utensils. 


  • Full-size kegerator for commercial and domestic kegs
  • Can be setup up on the patio
  • Converts to a regular refrigerator
  • Durable metal construction

Best Commercial Cheap Kegerator

Summit Appliance SBC490 Series Kegerator

Reliable Kegerator For You Venue

If you’re looking for a simple commercial kegerator that offers high-quality features, Summit has just the perfect one for you. No matter if you own a bar or a restaurant, the SBC490 Series from Summit represents a premium line of kegerators. They produced as single free-standing units for commercial purposes. It fulfills the requirements for the UL Commercial Standard 471.

Summit Appliance SBC490 Series Kegerator

Suitable For Indoor Or Outdoor Beer Serving

You’re most likely going to have it put together indoors but doesn’t mean it’s limited to closed spaces only. The commercial-grade material can last in outdoor conditions as well. For example, if your business organizes open-air events, you can relocate your kegerator simply by moving it on caster wheels. The wheels are from heavy-duty stainless steel and there’s no danger of them detaching from the cabinet.

Give Your Guests What They Came For

Customers want a fresh and cold glass of beer and that is exactly what they will get from you. The beer keg cooler is powered by an upgraded refrigeration technology that needs to be powerful to meet the commercial demands. The system is environmentally friendly as well. The internally located thermostat allows you to set the temperature level. The automatic defrost function works like a charm and makes sure your kegerator operates smoothly.

Summit Appliance SBC490 Series Kegerator review

Fits Up To 6.4 cu ft In Capacity

With a full capacity of 6.4. Cu.ft, this cheap kegerator for bars and restaurants has enough internal space to store mini-kegs, ½ barrel and ¼ barrel beer kegs. When loading and unloading the kegs into the kegerator, the floor plate protects the stainless steel interior from damage. Beer kegs can be replaced with shelves where you can store beer cans, bottles and other cold beverages. 

Low-Price Kegerator Option Offers Quality

The stylish black finish leaves an elegant impression. On top, there’s a draft system made up of a single beer draft tower with a stainless steel faucet. The corrosion-free 5 lbs C02 tank and gas regulator come straight with the product. For the price you pay, you get everything you need to get the perfect draft anytime. On top of that, you get a useful cleaning kit.


  • Kegerator for commercial use
  • 6.4 cu.ft volume capacity
  • Comes with a tap system

CONCLUSION: Why Low Price Doesn’t Mean Low Quality

This review shows that even the low-cost beer dispensers can offer the same or even higher level of performance as other more high-priced versions. The cheap kegerators are suitable for anyone who is just starting out with the craft beer. Also, If you already have some experience in the beer business, you can run your bar remaining cost-effective and offer good beer at the same time. The Edgestar full-size kegerator is a real hit on Amazon and a proof why EdgeStar kegerators are so loved among beer lovers. For more demanding beer dispensing, the Summit SBC490 commercial kegerator will make your customers come back for more.

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