Top 5 Krups Beer Kegerators & Dispensers In 2022 Reviews

Are you desperately searching for an affordable but branded mini beer cooler?

Your search ends here. Krups has the best selection of beer kegerators and dispensers you need in your kitchen.

This review provides you with all the necessary information about the best Krups kegerators on the market. All you need to do is decide which Krups home draft system is most suitable for you.


Krups Brand Kegerators And Dispensers

German Tradition And Innovation

Robert Krup’s scales first saw the light of day in 1846. That’s when the Krup company was born.  After many years of working on innovative technologies, the brand transformed its passion for coffee into producing high-quality coffee machines. Today, Krups is the leading brand in the kitchen appliance industry.

Great Love For Details

The company’s most successful products are coffee appliances, like the famous Nespresso. Krups experts are well-known for having a precise eye for details. The company’s biggest desire is to bring satisfaction to the customer. Their secret lies in constantly adding new features to their coffee makers, toasters and beverage dispensers.  

Launch Of BeerTender

Krups kegerators and dispensers are a part of a wide range of company’s products. In 2004,  Krups established the BeerTender line after partnering up with one of the biggest beer experts, Heineken. BeerTender is a line of Krups beer dispensers renowned for its unique draft technology. 

Keeping The Customer In Mind

Krups strives to be the best at providing the customer with an authentic experience. The products are made after listening to what the client has to say. The customer service is available by phone or by filling out a form on their official website. The brand’s site is user-friendly and all the information you need can be found right there. 

How To Order The Products

Krups doesn’t sell it’s products online. Their official website features only a web store for accessories that go with the products. However, you can retain them from other online retailers. Simply head over to where you can often stumble upon a discount.

Best 5 Krups Beer Kegerators 

The SUB Home Draft Beer Dispenser Black Edition

You New Favourite Beer Gadget

This small Krups home beer dispenser offers an absolute revolution when it comes to beer machines. It’s the easiest way to get a perfect draft beer at home so far. It weighs only 11.13 pounds and it even fits into the smallest corner of your kitchen. Thanks to its dimensions you can carry it to wherever the party is taking place.  

The SUB Home Draft Beer Dispenser Black Edition

Special Regulating System

You can forget about the big CO2 tanks. The SUB home beer dispenser regulates the pressure in the mini-kegs. The kegs are protected from the air outside to prevent oxidizing. The temperature sensor lets you know if it’s time to serve. Green on the power button signalizes that your beer is ready. Red means your beer is still chilling. When it reaches 2 degrees Celsius, you can grab your glass.  Plus, your beer won’t go bad if it stays inside the cooler for two weeks. 

Kegs Included? No problem

The SUB by Krups goes together with 2L TORP’s mini-kegs. You have to purchase them separately online. They get to your door with your Krups mini kegerator. One TORP’s mini-keg has the capacity of an average 6 beer pack. For faster cooling, chill the kegs in the fridge before you put them into the SUB. When ordering the kegs, you can choose from a wide range of craft and draft beer all over the world.

The SUB Home Draft Beer Dispenser Black Edition review

Simple Setup And Maintenance 

The draft machine is produced by Krups. The design is almost completely made of plastic and it looks elegant on your countertop. The maintenance is pretty easy and well described in the manual. The product goes together with a power cable and a drip tray. When you’re not using it, just put it away and you won’t even notice it’s there. 

Where To Buy The SUB

Krups SUB home beer dispenser is available in certain countries like the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Not all models are available in all countries. In the USA, the distributor is Hopsy. However, you can get yours without a problem with 


  • Can fit your kitchen countertop
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy setup and use
  • Features mini-kegs

Other Versions Of The SUB Home Beer Dispenser

The SUB in Compact Version

The SUB in Compact Version

The SUB dispenser is also available in the slightly smaller, Compact version. 

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 In Black

BeerTender Experience At Home

BeerTender is a line of Krups kegerators that resulted from partnering with Heineken. Krups Heineken B100 supports the Heineken DraughtKeg system with an internal pressure unit. When the beer goes from the keg to the BeerTender tap, the CO2 gets freed. That way the beer can stay fresh up to a month.

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 In Black

Uniquely Engineered Cooling System

Krups developed a special Peltier cooling system. It works quietly and efficiently while cooling your beer. It takes just a few hours for the keg to reach the ideal temperature level. The LED display indicates the temperature. The perfect temperature is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Compatible With Heineken Premium Beer 

Krups Heineken draft beer dispenser holds 5L Heineken DraughtKegs. It’s designed to support exclusively Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale kegs. You get the perfect beer draft straight from the tap at home. The recognizable flavor of the Heinkenen beer remains preserved inside the Krups mini kegerator.

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 In Black review

Modern Appliance Design

This Heineken fridge cooler can win you over with its modern appearance and a black finish. The 14,3 pounds Krups kegerator is a perfect mini beer fridge. Connect the plastic keg tube to the tap and plug it in. Put it up anywhere you like and pour yourself a glass while watching TV, partying or simply relaxing. 

Why It’s Worth Your Money

If you’re a fan of Heineken, you’re sure to become a fan of Krups Heineken kegerators. You can find a more affordable Heineken mini kegerator on the market. But the technology you get with The Heineken BeerTender B100, you won’t get it anywhere else. And a real beer lover knows the difference. 


  • Supports Heineken DraughtKeg technology
  • Silent work
  • Preserves the premium beer taste

Other Versions of the Krups BeerTender B100 Model

Krups BeerTender Line

Heineken kegerators from the mentioned BeerTender line feature a certain number of model versions since the release in 2004. Most of the versions are available exclusively in Germany and Austria. Some of the versions are introduced below. 

Krups BeerTender B90 In Black

Krups BeerTender B90 In Black

The difference compared to the B100 is the size. This version is smaller and has a wider temperature range. Plus, it comes with a volume indicator next to the temperature display, so you can always tell how much beer you got left.

Krups BeerTender B95 In Black

Krups BeerTender B95 In Black

This Krups Heineken Beer Dispenser is very similar to the BeerTender B90 version but has an even wider temperature range. The temperature level can be adjusted. 

CONCLUSION: Why You Should Get Yourself Krups Kegerator?

With Krups mini kegerators you get the best of both worlds- perfectly compact beer dispenser and high-quality beer. The SUB kegerator is a real hit and it gives you a chance to taste the best craft beer from every corner of the Earth. The Heineken B100 kegerators from the BeerTender line are your way to experience the unique Heineken beer taste at a fair price. 

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