Best 3 Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispensers In 2022 Reviews

There’s no better taste then a beer straight from the tap. Real beer fans can surely relate.

But how many of us have a real brewery at home? Not many. Here’s a solution- Fizzics DraftPour bring your domestic beer experience to a new level.

This Fizzics DraftPour review provides you all the important information on these fantastic gadgets. From here you can easily decide which one fits perfectly your needs. 


Information About Fizzics Beer Dispensers

Shark Tank Was Totally Impressed

Back in 2014, The Fizzics blew the Shark Tank jury’s minds. Since that day the company has been constantly improving its products. Draftpour is their third generation of beer dispensers with the revolutionary Micro-Foam system. Based on customers’ wishes and brewers’ recommendations, the latest Fizzics dispensers are the best ones yet. 

Applied Science Behind Fizzics DraftPour

Dense and creamy head on top. That’s the trademark of any beer that gets poured from the Fizzics Beer Dispensers. The rich foam comes from their patented Micro-Foam technology that is founded on the physics of sound waves. The result is an intense aroma and flavor you only get at a brewery. 

Practical And Easy To Use

Fizzics DraftPour dispensers are small portable draft systems. They fit any corner of your home. Place them in your kitchen, garden or garage. Grab a bottle or a can and pour yourself a perfect draft beer using the tap handle. On top of that, they run on batteries so you can use them outdoors as well. 

Worth Every Penny You Pay

The Fizzics DraftPour is pricier than average beer dispensers. As there are many benefits like size and user-friendliness, it’s definitely a good bargain. Home draft systems come at a higher cost but lack convenience the Fizzics DraftPour offers. Plus, every beer lover won’t mind the high price as it stands for quality and innovation. 

Customer Service And Warranty

Whether you decide to purchase the products from the official Fizzics web store or online retailers like, there’s a limited one year warranty. It only covers Fizzics products sold in the USA or Canada. Also, the warranty isn’t applied to Fizzics products purchased from an unauthorized dealer. 

Best 3 Fizzics DraftPour Dispensers

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403

Turn Any Beer Into Draft Beer 

The newest generation of Fizzics DraftPour dispensers transforms your everyday beer into a masterpiece you usually get exclusively at breweries. Regardless of the package type or size, you get a perfect draft beer. It’s suitable for any beer or can size and works with any kind of beer you like (IPAs, Lagers etc).

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403

The Technology Never Tasted Better

There’s real science behind the rich aroma and creamy foam. With the sound waves technology, you get ideal bubbles that form the perfect layer of foam. The beer taste gets enhanced for a more intensified experience. You get a visually attractive nitro-style pour that puts to shame beer straight from a can or bottle.  

Made To Withstand The Test Of Time

Fizzics DraftPour is produced to last. It’s made of zinc and its titanium finish makes it corrosion resistant. If treated with care and cleaned properly it can last for years without getting a scratch. It weighs only 4.6 pounds which makes it easier to carry around without dropping it. 

Take It Anywhere With You

This Fizzics DraftPour model can turn your ordinary beer into a draft anywhere and anytime. Outdoor or indoor. You can use it at home or take it with you on a road trip. It comes with a convenient USB cord. For outdoor usage, you will need 2 AA batteries.   

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403 review

Share The DraftPour Enthusiasm With Friends

There are many great gift ideas for beer lovers. Not many are highly useful though. The Fizzics DraftPour DIspenser is not only a great personal investment, but it’s also a unique present that will surely put a smile on your beer-loving friend’s face. 

Available In Four Color Styles

The Fizzics DraftPour FZ403 can be purchased in four color variations: Carbon, Copper, Ice and Pub. Copper and Pub finishes come in limited editions and cost a few twenty dollars more. 


  • Adaptable to any bottle or can beer
  • Perfect draft pour due to Micro-Foam technology 
  • Easy setup and cleaning
  • Portable and lightweight 

Fizzics FZ201 White Waytap Beer Dispenser

Revolution On The Beer Market

As Fizzics DraffPour’s predecessor, Waytap Beer Dispenser hit the market a few years earlier.  Beer lovers were just getting introduced to the idea of home draft systems. They wanted something that saves both money and space. Soon enough regular beer kegerators were replaced by more practical beer dispensers like the Fizzics Waytap. 

Fizzics FZ201 White Waytap Beer Dispenser

Unique Draft System Technology

Fizzics Beer Dispensers use a specially invented Micro-Foam technology to achieve its recognizable creamy foam on top. It’s based on the sound waves and fluid dynamics knowledge. Every drop of beer poured from Fizzics Waytap has the perfect density and flavor richness. 

Compact And Convenient Design

The size is one of the biggest benefits of Fizzics Waytap Dispensers. With a weight of 2.6 pounds and dimensions of 4.9×8.2×14.1 inches, it doesn’t take up much space. It’s designed to fit 12 ounces beer bottles or 12 to 25 ounces beer cans of your favorite beer type. 

Fizzics FZ201 White Waytap Beer Dispenser review

Effortless And User-Friendly

The product comes with setup instructions. It’s all very intuitive. Put in 4 AA batteries beforehand. Simply place a bottle or a can into the Waytap dispenser. Use the top handle to pour fresh draft beer. Turn the handle backward and you get the Micro-Foam on top. Make sure to clean it after every use. 


  • Micro-Foam technology creates the perfect draft pour
  • Saves space and is portable
  • Compatible to most beer and can sizes

Other Versions of Fizzics FZ201 Waytap Beer Dispenser

Fizzics Waytap available in two different colors and sizes

Other Versions of Fizzics FZ201 Waytap Beer Dispenser

The Waytap model has two versions: Black and White. Apart from color, size differs a bit. All other functions and characteristics are the same for both the White version and the Black one.

CONCLUSION: Why Fizzics Offers You The Perfect Way Of Getting Draft Beer Anytime And Anywhere?

The Fizzics latest beer gadget Fizzics FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser and the older Fizzics FZ201 White Waytap Beer Dispenser are the closest you can possibly get to a real draft beer experience. It’s an innovative way to turn any beer into a well-crafted pour. You can enjoy fresh beer as it came straight from the tap anywhere and anytime. 

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