Best 5 EdgeStar Beer Kegerators & Dispensers In 2022 Reviews

Do you know which beer kegerators are worth your money? The right answer is EdgeStar Kegerators.

High- quality and innovative design are just one of the many reasons why you should want to keep your beer in beer refrigerators from Edgestar.

We can help you decide which one of the top 5 Edgestar Beer Kegerators and Dispensers are currently market bestsellers. 


EdgeStar Kegerators and Beer Dispensers

Texas Based Appliance Brand

Founded in 1999 by Rick Lundborn, a small family business soon turned into a competitive brand in the appliance niche market. EdgeStar is a part of the Living Direct network of sites along with its two brands, KoldfFont and Avallon. The products are compact and designed according to the wants and needs of customers.  

Top Experts In The Appliance Industry 

EdgeStar Beer Dispensers aren’t the company’s only successful products. Other appliances they concentrate on include freezers, dishwashers, air conditioners and special outdoor appliances such as BBQ grills and portable freezers. Plus, they also offer refrigerators for wine and beverage centers. Appliances are tested in the company’s headquarters in Austin before hitting the market.

Where To Purchase EdgeStar Products

According to the brand’s policy, the safest way of shopping is simply ordering products from the official EdgeStar website. They also have four partner websites. Online household retailers and specialized lifestyle appliances web stores make the products available as well. If you want to make the most of online ordering, get them on sale on Amazon. 

Shipment and Warranty

The products are shipped only within the USA. Warranty only covers appliances that have been registered on the EdgeStar website. Each model is provided with an Owner’s Manual that contains all the information about warranty options. Replacement parts can also be found on the company’s website. If a problem occurs, you can contact the Warranty Service team at any time of the day. 

Support and Service For Customers

All the necessary information is available on the EdgeStar Support site. You can download service and installation documents. Video guides are useful when setting up your appliance. Customer Service can be reached via phone or email 24 hours a day. Or else, you can fill in an online form by describing the issues with the product.

Top 5 EdgeStar Beer Kegerators

EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator

Ultra Low-Temperature System

EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator is a full-size beer dispenser. The analog temperature controller can cool your beer to a temperature as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with an empty 5 pounds CO2 tank. You can install the CO2 tank internally or externally. This beer cooler has an external tank mount for a gas tank that can give you more storage inside the unit. Plus, EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator can be converted into a refrigerator. 

EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator

Full-Size Portable Dispenser

Caster wheels give the EdgeStar KC2000 full-size beer cooler mobility. It is installed as a  free-standing unit and weighs 81.6 pounds. This 25.7 x 20.2 x 35.1 inches dispenser supports 1/4 and 1/2 standard kegs. It doesn’t accommodate Coors kegs, Miller kegs or rubberized kegs.

Sleek Finish Adds To the Luxurious Appearance

Single column draft tower comes with a single chrome faucet and a handle. Poured beer won’t spill onto the unit or the floor thanks to the added drip trail. The sleek black exterior of the EdgeStar KC2000 kegerator can serve as a beautiful decor addition to your kitchen.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator review

Built To Last And To Fit

The EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator and keg beer cooler is thinner than standard full-size kegerators. That way it can adjust to the area of your kitchen, garage or a bar. The stainless steel door is built to last longer than the unit itself. The powerful metal floor plate keeps the kegs in place and prevents them from sliding.

Perfect For Beer Brewing  Beginners

The affordable EdgeStar KC2000 is a reasonable investment if you’re new to home draft systems. Without spending too much money you get all the basic equipment that goes with a beer dispenser. If you are a bar or restaurant owner, this cooler can easily replace commercial kegerators that are pricier but offer the same features.  


  • Ultra Low-Temperature Cooling System
  • Thin design convenient for indoor spaces
  • Durable Interior

Other Versions of the EdgeStar KC2000 Model

Available In Two Colors and Two Faucet Systems

EdgeStar KC2000 Model

The EdgeStar KC2000 with a single faucet system comes in a Stainless Steel finish as well. All other specifications and features correspond to the Stainless Steel model version.

EdgeStar KC2000SSTWIN

EdgeStar KC2000SSTWIN

The KC2000SSTWIN is a Stainless Steel EdgeStar dual tap kegerator. This model version is also available in color Black.

EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Beer Kegerator

Space Saving Home Kegerator

The dimensions of the EdgeStar KC1000SS dispenser are 18.3 x 17.7 x 33.1 inches. The unit itself weighs 63.8 pounds. Slimmer than ordinary residential kegerators, this cooler will perfectly fit any kitchen or any other indoor room. Plus, it’s not appropriate for commercial use

EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Beer Kegerator

Beer As Cold As Ice

The unit has an internal fan cooling system that keeps the beer as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose the temperature you like using the digital controller that allows you to maintain the thermostat at ultra-low temperatures. And no worry, there’s no danger for your beer to freeze.

Industrial Stainless Steel Effect 

The kegerator’s design is compact and modern with a stainless steel exterior that adds to the industrial appearance. The unit is free-standing, featuring leveling feet but it doesn’t include casters. The door is stainless steel as well and it comes with locks to ensure more security. On top, The EdgeStar KC1000SS model has a single stainless steel draft tower with a single faucet. The drip tray is also included.

EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Beer Kegerator review

Appealing Interior Lightning

The cabinet interior goes together with a blue LED light. The attractive light function has a turn on/off switch on the control panel. With the capacity of ⅙  barrel of 1 Cornelius keg, the EdgeStar KC1000SS Beer dispenser offers enough interior space to add a CO2 tank next to the beer keg.  

Home Brew Kit For A Reasonable Price

Expect the steel beer tower and the stainless steel faucet, the product comes with an empty 2.5 pound CO2 tank, a single gauge regulator, a D cooler, beer and gas lines. For the price you pay, you not only get a compact kegerator that will last for years but also the whole beer brew kit. 


  • Space-saving and compact
  • Supports ⅙ barrel or one Cornelius keg
  • Attractive interior LED light
  • Ultra-low cabinet temperature
  • Homebrew kit included

Edgestar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator

Even Lower Temperatures

Compared to the two models reviewed above, the EdgeStar KC3000 Full-Size Beer Dispenser has some new and advanced features. The modern digital display allows you to set the preferred temperature between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. If you want to cool a warm keg quickly, press the  Deep Chill button on the digital display. The fast-cooling function will turn off on its own after 24 hours. 

Edgestar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator

Improved Full-Size Cooler

The unit is built as a free-standing beer dispenser and measures 23.4 x 23.6 x 33.5 inches. Even though It weighs 79.4 pounds, it can easily be moved from one place to another once casters get installed. EdgeStar KC3000 offers storage space for oversized kegs. It supports ½ barrel, ⅙ barrel, slim ¼ or corny beer keg.  

Contemporary Constructed Single Tower System

Black finish gives the full-size kegerator an elegant impression. The unit is a single steel column beer tower with a single chrome-plated tap. The drip tray prevents spilling. Install the guard rail to keep glasses and mugs from falling on the floor. Other basic components that are included are: faucet handle, American Sankey keg coupler, faucet wrench, single gauge regulator and an empty Aluminium CO2 cylinder.  

Edgestar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator review

Household Kegerator/ Refrigerator In One

The KC3000 cooler is designed for indoor purposes. You can set it up in your kitchen or home bar. It can be converted into a refrigerator to store food or drink. Remove the keg and the beer tower and install two wired shelves that come with this EdgeStar single tap kegerator.

Fresh Beer Or Fresh Food

The EdgeStar KC3000 will not only look good in your kitchen but it will give you the coldest beer from the tap you can possibly get from this type of home kegerators. As it can easily be put up as a household refrigerator for food, the whole family will love it. 


  • Fits oversized kegs
  • Deep Chill function for fast cooling
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Can be converted into a fridge

Other Versions of the EdgeStar KC300 Model

The EdgeStar KC300SS Version

The EdgeStar KC300SS Version

In contrast to the Black model version reviewed above, the EdgeStar KC3000SS comes in Stainless Steel finish. All other features are the same.

EdgeStar KC3000SSTWIN Version

EdgeStar KC3000SSTWIN Version

This version is a dual tap beer kegerator. You can choose between Stainless Steel or Black. 

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

The Maximum EdgeStar Kegerator Experience

The EdgeStar 70000SSODTRIP incorporates all the best features we love about EdgeStar kegerators. The cooling system is upgraded. With the digital thermostat, you can comfortably adjust the temperature between 32 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature range is the widest amongst all EdgeStar kegerators. A newly added feature is the air-cooled beer tower for a maximum cool beer taste.

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

Best Of Full- Size You Can Get

The leveling legs can be replaced by caster wheels for easy mobility. It’s meant to be put up in your outdoor kitchen or patio. The unit can be placed standing free or installed under the counter. It’s designed to fit an oversized keg and it supports up to 3 corny kegs or 3 ⅙ barrel kegs. 

Compact And Stylish Outdoor Kegerator

This EdgeStar outdoor kegerator’s dimensions are 25.4 x 23.8 x 37.7 inches. After the under-counter setup, only the front side remains visible. The reversible stainless steel door is a suitable match for any cabinetry. The stainless steel triple faucet tower intensifies the overall sleek appearance. 

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator review

Multifunctionality And Practicality You Need

There’s no more multifunctional beer dispenser on the market than this one. When you need extra space for storing other beverages or food, turn the KC7000SSODTTRIP into a fridge. Simply remove an empty keg and put it in two wired shelves. The interior features impressive LED lighting that can be adjusted on the control panel.

High-Level Draft Performance

What makes the EdgeStar under counter kegerator is the triple draft system. The professionally designed stainless steel triple handle comes with a top cover. When the unit is built into the counter, the drip tray and guard rail can be removed. The brew kit also goes together with a 5 pounds empty CO2 tank, three-way air distributor, dual gauge regulator, and other basic components.  


  • Free-standing or under-counter setup
  • Air-cooled triple draft tower
  • Adjustable interior lightning
  • Great for outdoor use

EdgeStar 1500BL Built-In Kegerator

Lightweight Craft Brew Kegerator

With the dimensions of 24.1 x 14.9 x 37.1 inches, the EdgeStar 1500BL kegerator is slimmer than the KC7000SSODTRIP model. The unit is portable thanks to durable caster wheels. The kegerator is the best fit for indoor use whether you set it up in your kitchen or home bar.

EdgeStar 1500BL Built-In Kegerator

High-quality cooling technology

The product features front ventilation. The cooling system includes interior forced-air refrigeration and air-cooled single draft beer tower. The electronic controller is placed inside the cabinet. Temperature adjustment is easy. Your beer can cool down as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The kegerator temperature is digitally displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

Energy- Efficient On The Inside

The interior features comfortable LED lighting that reduces energy consumption. This 24-inch has reinforced steel floor that lets no heat inside and keeps the whole interior at a perfectly low-temperature level. Your slim ¼ barrel, ⅙ barrel or a Cornelius keg will be ice cold and ready to serve anytime.  

EdgeStar 1500BL Built-In Kegerator review

Safety Comes First

The EdgeStar KC1500BL can be installed as a free-standing cooler, under-counter or built-in. Once you’re set up your cooler, you can secure it with the help of safety locks. That way others won’t have access to your favorite beer. Plus, the temperature can’t be changed as the thermostat is located inside.

Become A Draft Beer Pro

This EdgeStar craft beer kegerator comes with home brewing essentials. It’s an air-cooled beer tower system with a single tap system. The stainless steel faucet perfectly corresponds to the cabinet’s black finish. The black steel door protects the kegs and the electronic control panel.


  • Craft beer kegerator
  • Safety locks for maximum security
  • Energy-efficient interior lightning 

Other Version Available

EdgeStar KC1500SS

EdgeStar KC1500SS

The EdgeStar KC1500SS model is also available in Stainless Steel finish. 

CONCLUSION: You Should Order Your EdgeStar Kegerator Today

The widest range of EdgeStar kegerators makes this brand one of the favorite amongst customers. Being the company’s best selling kegerator, the EdgeStar KC2000 model offers the perfect full-size beer dispenser for beer lovers. If you’re looking for a complete upgrade, the EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP kegerator brings you the newest technology and features. 

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