Best 3 Beer Meister Kegerator You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

Having the best beer dispenser is important for every beer enthusiast. Beer Meister Kegerators are the closest you get to the perfect beer cooler. 

With its special features, Beer Meister kegerators can make any beer experience a unique one. Everything you need to know about purchasing Beer Meister dispenser to match your taste is here in this article. 


Beer Meister Kegerators And Beer Coolers

“The Original” from the 1960s

The Beer Meister was one of the first companies to introduce beer kegerators to a wider audience. That’s why they’re known as “The Original”. Located in Minnesota, Beer Meister offers beer dispensers and brewing supplies to satisfy even the toughest customers. Their business is focused on delivering high-quality products at an affordable price.

Great Beer, Why Not Great Wine Too

A few years ago the company founded a new division called Beer Meister Supplies. They hired one of the best experts from the homebrewing field and quickly won over the market. Beer Meister Supplies has all the necessary equipment and tools meant for home brewing, winemaking and beer dispensing. Plus, you can also find nice gifts for your brewer or winemaker friend.  

Beer Meister Kegerators Offer

The company’s core business is selling high-quality beer dispensers. They have a wide range of beer kegerators at their disposal. From residential, built-in, homebrewing or outdoor kegerators, including commercial kegerators as well. The prices vary depending on the model and category of the kegerator. Beer Meister kegerators cost more than average beer dispensers, but everything you get is worth your money. 

Where You Can Buy All The Various Products

All the product selection can be found and purchased from their website. Same-day shipping is the brand’s policy. If you want to buy your Beer Meister product on a Monday before 12 p.m. your order is processed right away. You may be looking to get your Beer Meister Kegerator for sale, in that case, or other online retailers are the right places for you.

Making Customers Happy

Same-day shipment within the USA is only one of the ways Beer Meister keeps the customers happy. They’re open 7 days a week all year long, except for Christmas and New Year. All the products have ordering and shipping information available. If you face a problem with your product, you can always reach them via phone or email.

Top 3 Beer Meister Kegerators

Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator

Premium Series DIspenser

This Beer Meister kegerator model is a member of the Premium Series. This full-size beer dispenser has a capacity of up to 1 full beer keg of any type. With dimensions of 24.9 x 23.9 x 39.2 inches, you can have it built-in in your kitchen or simply free-standing on adjustable feet. 

Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator

Innovative Beer Cooling Technology

With the digital thermostat, you can easily adjust the temperature on your Beer Meister dispenser. Its special cooling technology will keep your beer chill all the time with a temperature range from 30 to 50 degrees. Plus, it comes with a tower cooler so your beer keeps its perfect temperature all the way from the keg to the tap.  

Strong Hold For Your Beer

Beer Meister Dual Tower Kegerator is made of long-lasting metal with high durability. Its stainless door with a stainless handle is not only eye-catching but also wear-resistant. Both exterior and interior are also stainless, including a strengthened steel floor and stainless drip tray. It has a 3” stainless steel dual tower with a dual tap on top.

Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator review

Homedrafting Essentials Included

Everything you need for pouring fresh beer at your home comes with the product, except the beer. Simply install a half keg, a tall quarter keg, a pony keg or a Cornelius keg of your favorite beer and start enjoying a perfectly poured draft. Beer Meister kegerators don’t need any additional parts as a 2-way air manifold, 2 D couplers and a 5 lb. CO2 tank are all included.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance 

This Beer Meister dispenser model is completely made of metallic material that prevents any scratching. You don’t have to worry about damaging the surface. The dual faucet is produced from non-sticking material which makes the cleaning process effortless. If you take proper care of your kegerator, it can last over generations. 


  • Holds a full-size keg
  • Adjustable cooling temperature with a digital controller
  • Built-in or free-standing

Other Versions of the Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator

Differences Between Versions

There are certain design differences between Beer Meister kegerators from the Premier Series line. The dispenser capacity doesn’t differ as all kegerators can fit up to a full-size beer keg. Most of the technical features are the same as well. Coolers include all the necessary equipment such as CO2 tanks and hoses. A few differences can be noticed in the design and number of towers. The units are either built-in or free-standing. Color variations include kegerators with stainless or black door. 

Beer Meister Dual Tower Black Door Kegerator

Beer Meister Dual Tower Black Door Kegerator

This model is similar to the one Beer Meister cooler reviewed above. The dimensions and the dispensers’ cooling technology aren’t different.  It also features a dual tower with a double faucet. The door color is black. It doesn’t come with a spill tray on top.

Beer Meister Single Tower Stainless Door Kegerator 

Beer Meister Single Tower Stainless Door Kegerator

This Beer Meister Kegerator is a built-in version with a black door. Compared to Beer Meister Dual Tower Kegerator, it has a single tower with a single faucet. It is slightly lighter than the Dual Tower models. All other specifications are just alike.

CONCLUSION: Beer Meister Kegerators Are Your New Favorite Coolers

Beer Meister Kegerators offer top quality dispensers for your home bar. From a variety of products, you can choose the Dual Tower version with a double stainless faucet or somewhat smaller Single Tower version. Whether you prefer double or single tap Beer Meister dispensers, the steel exterior keeps your beer safe and cool and ready to pour at any moment. For a brand that has been a leader in the industry for decades, they come at fair prices. Plus, you can always go on to and often find Beer Meister kegerators for sale. 

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