Best 7 True Kegerator Beer Cooler Dispensers In 2022

If you are currently actively looking for a True kegerator, then this article is right for you.

We can make it easier for you with the list of best True Keg Coolers you can currently find on the market. This article contains all the technical information and features you should consider when deciding which True beer dispenser to purchase. 


True Kegerators And Beverage Dispensers

Fine American Craftsmanship Since 1945

In 1945 Frank Brulaske and his sons started out in their St Louis home garage. They couldn’t even imagine what the future had in store for their company. Today True Brand Kegerators and Refrigerators are a synonym for quality in the refrigeration industry. Their products can be found anywhere: restaurants, grocery stores and people’s homes.

From Commercial To Residential

Big companies like 7UP and Coca-Cola were the first big names amongst the brand’s clients. Delivering refrigerators to the American foodservice industry was True’s core business. After decades of efforts, the company developed a line of refrigerators for homes named True ResidentIal. Soon, ordinary customers could get their hands on True beer keg fridges, kitchen refrigerators and freezers. 

Wide Range of Products 

The True Brand offers a wide range of high-quality commercial and residential refrigerators. The company has a separate website for its Residential line where you can purchase side-by-side or column True fridges, True freezers, True beer dispensers etc. In just a few clicks you can find all the products conveniently in one place. If you are looking for a discount or special offers, go over to Amazon or other similar retailers where you can stumble upon a lower price. 

Sustainable and Efficient Producing

With decades of experience, True has developed a way of manufacturing products that is sustainable and doesn’t waste a lot of energy. They use innovative technologies that don’t pose a threat to the environment. The result of such efficient producing are energy-saving True keg fridges and refrigerators. 

Customer Service and Support

The brand’s official website has all the needed information about their customer service. You can reach them via phone or e-mail. Customer support, service and warranty have separate contacts, depending on which one you require. Using your ZIP code, you can find your local dealer or your local technician. Plus, you have access to their maintenance and repair guides.  You can easily download those in PDF format.  

Best 7 True Kegerator Coolers

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black

High-Quality And Reliable Beer Refrigerator

This is the smallest member of the True commercial kegerator product line. This underbar refrigerator is produced from long-lasting materials that guarantee excellence and durability. With its high capacity and balanced refrigeration system, the cabinet temperature ranges from 33⁰ to 38⁰ F. It keeps your beer perfectly cool before it gets from the keg to the tap.

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black

Attractive Exterior And Compact Design

This True draft beer cooler model incorporates beautiful exterior and compact design. With its 39.25 inches height and 205.0 pounds weight, it can hold up to a ½ barrel keg. Front and sides come in a black vinyl finish. On top, there’s a single beer column made of stainless steel. In order to decrease beer foaming, the cold air goes into the faucet and creates a perfect draft.

Solid Stainless Steel 

TDD-1-HC Beer Dispenser comes with a single door which includes a standard lock. Door gaskets can easily be replaced for new ones or removed for cleaning purposes. The unit has a stainless steel floor and galvanized stainless steel walls. It’s designed to adapt to any beer keg type up to ½ barrel capacity.  

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black review

Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration System

One of the considerable characteristics of True commercial kegerators is high energy efficiency. Their hydrocarbon refrigeration systems are safe for the ozone layer and reduce the carbon footprint of the Earth. The beer dispensers are powered by EMC motors that are responsible for saving energy and high motor performance.   

Beer Keg Cooler On Castors

This True Draft Beer Cooler is a perfect fit for smaller outdoor bars and events thanks to its relatively small size when compared to other commercial kegerators. As it can be moved on castor wheels, it’s appropriate for outdoor activities. It keeps the kegged beer cool and ready to get served to your customers at any time. However, if you decide to purchase the TDD-1-HC model for your own home or office, with ½ barrel keg capacity it should get the job done. 


  • Compact design and eye-catching exterior
  • Can accommodate to any beer keg type
  • Holds beer keg with the ½ barrel capacity
  • Can be placed into a kitchen due to smaller dimensions
  • Stainless steel beer column on top

Other Versions of the TDD-1-HC Model

Available in Black Vinyl and Stainless Steel

Other Versions of the TDD-1-HC Model

This model of True TDD-1-HC Beer Dispenser is also available in Stainless Steel finish. All the technical information and features are the same as the version in Black reviewed above.

True TDD-2-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black

Double The Capacity

Compared to the TDD-1-HC model which could hold only 1 beer keg, this model of True’s TDD Direct Draw Beer Dispenser line has the capacity of two ½ barrel beer kegs. The temperature of the fridge cabinet is between 33⁰ to 38⁰ F.  If the first model isn’t quite big enough for you, then you should consider this 37 inches and 335 pounds unit. 

True TDD-2-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black

Smallest TDD Line Double Door Model

The free-standing True TDD-2 model not only has a place for two kegs, but it’s also a double- door beer cooler. It has two solid doors with magnetic gaskets that assure the refrigerator shuts and opens without much force needed. Standard locks are also included. Steel galvanized interior protects the kegs from possible outside impacts. 

Recognize Heavy-Duty Exterior 

The outside is coated with laminated black vinyl that contributes to the durability of the product. Stainless steel countertop is scratch-resistant and can hold beer glasses and mugs without getting damaged. This double door kegerator includes two stainless steel beer taps for both beer kegs. Unlike the previous model, TDD-2-HC beer dispenser doesn’t have castor wheels and can’t be easily moved from one room to another.  

True TDD-2-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black review

Beer Dispenser That Saves Energy

The self-contained refrigerator works on the same hydrocarbon basis as the TDD-1-HC kegerator model. As TDD-2-HC beer kegerator is double the capacity, it’s understandable that it is more powerful. It consumes more energy while keeping two beer kegs chill. However, compared to other brand kegerators, the energy waste remains at a minimum thanks to its EMC fan motors.

Affordable First Kegerator For Your Business

This True kegerator model is a good investment if you’re looking for your first commercial kegerator. If you’re just starting with your foodservice business, the TDD-2-HC offers an adequate capacity for a reasonable price. However, you may opt for bigger models if you’re already running a successful bar or restaurant. 


  • Fits two beer kegs with ½ barrel capacity
  • Two solid doors
  • Free-standing

Other Versions of the True TDD-2-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser

Available In Two Colors And Sizes

Other Versions of the True TDD-2-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser

This True commercial kegerator is available in two colors: Black Vinyl and Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel version has the same dimensions and specifications as the Black version. 

TDD-2CT-HC Version Has Additional Storage

TDD-2CT-HC Version Has Additional Storage

The TDD-2-HC and TDD-2CT-HC don’t differ in size but additional features. The TDD-2CT-HC offers an adjustable wire shelf and storage for glasses and mugs on top.

Other Models Available In TDD Direct Draw Dispensers line

Increase In Size And Capacity 

True kegerators that are represented in the company’s TDD commercial kegerators line differ in three important things: size, capacity and doors. The most obvious distinction is noticeable between the first two models, the TDD-1 versions and TDD-2 model versions. The TDD-1-HC model, as the smallest beer dispenser in the line, stands somewhere between commercial and residential kegerators. All the other models, as off the TDD-2-HC model have more capacity and can be solely considered commercial kegerators. 

The TDD-3-HC model

The TDD-3-HC model

The TDD-3-HC two-door model is the third in the TDD line of True keg refrigerators. It weighs 375 pounds and can hold 3 ½ barrel beer kegs. It comes in colors Black and Stainless Steel.

The TDD-4-HC Model

The TDD-4-HC Model

The TDD-4-HC model has the biggest weight and capacity. With 495 pounds, this True beer cooler can accommodate 4 ½ barrel beer kegs. Plus, it features three doors, most than any other model from the TDD Beer Dispenser line. Available in two colors as the other models.

CONCLUSION: Why You Should Buy A True Beer Dispenser?

You should invest your money into a product that is worth your money. True commercial kegerators from the TDD Direct Draw Beer Dispensers are meant to keep your beer cool and your customers satisfied. The price differs according to capacity and size. The smallest TDD-1-HC model is the basic kegerator with a  limited 1 keg capacity but is portable and convenient for outdoor events or parties. On the other hand, the priciest TDD-4-HC model is perfect for bars and restaurants that need higher capacity and longevity. 

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