Best 5 Outdoor Beer Keg Refrigerator To Get In 2022 Reviews

Are you planning a big BBQ or you wan to simply enjoy a cold beer in your back yard?

An outdoor beer refrigerator makes a great choice. When it comes to the outdoor appliances you wan them to be high quality and durable. That is why I selected the best outdoor beer fridges for you to choose from.


Things To Know Before Buying An Outdoor Beer Fridge

Extra Insulation

When choosing the outside beer fridge you will notice that they are heavier and thicker than the ones that go inside the house. That is because you cannot control outside temperature, humidity, and weather overall. The outdoor fridge is more insulated for better protection and some of them have bigger motors to keep the drinks cool even in the hot summer days.

Robust Components

The dust is the most dangerous thing for the refrigerator motor. That is why the outdoor fridges need to be sealed on every corner. These robust components tend to be more expensive, but it is better to invest a little bit more money in the appliance that won’t break down after the first rain.

Material Selection

If you want a quality outdoor fridge you have to look for the one that is made from stainless steel. The ones with a higher level of chromium are even better. They are highly resistant to rusting which means that they can survive a high wet and humid outdoor environment. If you want a cheaper version go with the plastic-covered fridge. Although they can damage easier, the waterproof coat is flawless.

Additional Features

Most of the beer fridges on the market nowadays have some additional features. But as the price goes up, the number of extras goes up too. You can get the models with adjustable thermostats, defrost functions, locks, different shelves and doors. Out of all of them, the one that you definitely want is the internal fan for better circulation of the cool air.

Size And Capacity

The size of the fridge is a personal preference. It depends on your consuming habits and the purpose of the beer fridge. They come in various sizes, from mini to the XX-large ones. You need to measure your cabinetry if you want to build it in or choose the freestanding one that you can move around as needed.

Best 5 Outdoor Beer Keg Refrigerator

Best Outdoor Beer Fridge With Security Lock

Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO  Outdoor Refrigerator

Timeless Design

The Danby fridge is a great choice for entertaining outside. The housing is waterproof and UV protected plastic. It comes with a black finish on the cabinet and spotless steel silver door with an integrated handle. It has an LED light inside for night expeditions to the fridge and the door is reversible for the left or right opening.

Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO  Outdoor Refrigerator


This unit has an overall capacity of 4.4 cubic feet. Inside you will find 2 and a half tempered glass shelves and there is also a vegetable crisper at the bottom. The door is equipped with the CanStor beverage dispenser and 3 plastic deep shelves for extra storage. It doesn’t include a freezer inside, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Mobile Installation

The Danby beer fridge is designed for freestanding use only. The ventilation system is in the back and at the bottom. Included are the 4 castors that are rust-resistant. The castors make it easy to move it around, but you can easily take them off and put small legs instead.

Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO  Outdoor Refrigerator review

Temperature System

This outside beer fridge has an Energy Star rating for efficiency and it is tested for cooling capacity in the tropical environment. It also features an automatic defrost for easy cleaning of the interior. It delivers cool and refreshing drinks under any circumstances. It is a perfect choice for the hot summer days.

Dimensions And Security

This beer fridge is 33 1/16 inches high without castors, but with the castors is 35 1/16 inches. It is wide 20 12/16 inches and deep 21 5/16 inches. It has around 68 pounds. The great feature about this unit is that it has a lock at the bottom so it is fully secured when you leave it outside and the kids can’t access it.


  • Fully lockable
  • Glass shelves
  • Mobile and portable
  • Freestanding only

Best Built-in Outdoor Beer Fridge

Avallon AFR151SSODRH  Outdoor Built-In Refrigerator 

Multiple Installation Options

The great thing about this fridge is that you can leave it to be a freestanding unit, but you can easily build it into the cabinetry. It has a front ventilation system that allows the built-in installation and castors for mobility. It is a slim designed fridge so it won’t take much space.

Avallon AFR151SSODRH  Outdoor Built-In Refrigerator

Temperature Range

This unit is also suitable for commercial use so it has to have a wide range of temperature levels. The temperature goes from the low 34 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a single zone cooling unit with a compressor-based cooling system. The compressor has a steel cover for weather protection and automatic defrost feature for easy cleaning.

Build Materials

The unit is made of stainless steel. The unit comes in a black finish and the door is silver with a stainless steel handle. The front vent grill cover is also made of stainless steel. It features 2 lights on the left side and two on the right side and you can alternate between white and blue LED color options.

Avallon AFR151SSODRH  Outdoor Built-In Refrigerator review


The Avallon outdoor beer refrigerator comes in the standard hight dimensions of 34.1 inches and depth of 24.1 inches. It is a slimmer option for the outdoor kitchen with 14.9 inches in width. It weighs 84 pounds. It doesn’t have a reversible door but the Avallon offers the option of pre-choosing which one you want.

Additional Information

A true key lock is included for the extra level of security. It has 3 sanded glass shelves inside and the door has 3 plastic deep shelves for additional storage. It also features a touch control panel and thermostat so you can adjust the temperature as you need it to be.


  • Wide temperature range
  • Interior LED lights
  • Carbon filter included
  • Touch control panel
  • Optional casters for mobility

Best Outdoor Beer Fridge With Glass Door

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Safe Design

When it comes to the outdoor beer fridges most of us go with the solid stainless steel door because they feel safer. But the truth is that nowadays glass door fridges offer the same level of protection with reinforced glass and insulation. That is why this modern-looking fridge is on this list.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Elegant And Durable

A hOmeLabs outdoor beer fridge is a freestanding unit made of stainless steel with the black finish cabinet. The doors are elegant see-through with the stainless steel frame. It comes with the left hinge on the door. It also has an LED interior light that helps you with the easy nighttime selection of your favorite drink.

Large Capacity

The unit has large internal storage. It has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet that fits 120 standard-sized cans and several large bottles. It is equipped with 3 large chrome shelves that can easily be removed and adjusted according to your needs. The internal storage measures 29 inches height, 16 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler review

Temperature Controls

This is a single zone beverage center that features easy touch temperature control. The temperature range from 34 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a large digital display so you can easily monitor and set up the temperature as needed. It also features memory function which allows it too ”remember” the last settings if there was a power failure or you unplugged it.

Cooling System

The unit has a powerful cooling system with vertical chiller features. It has energy-efficient advanced technology and a quiet compressor that delivers ice-cold drinks. With the fans that ventilate inside, the air is distributed equally and the temperature is consistent. It is perfect for the party dinners in the back yard.


  • Modern stainless steel design
  • Large capacity
  • Advanced temperature controls

Best Mini Outdoor Beer Fridge

NewAir NBC060SS00 Beverage Cooler

Small And Practical

This is the beer fridge that you want to have at home no matter what. It is small, practical and portable. You can easily use it indoors and outdoors. If you need a quick cool for the hot summer days the NewAir mini fridge will deliver. It has enough storage for any occasion and it doesn’t need more space than the small corner on the table.

NewAir NBC060SS00 Beverage Cooler


It measures only 21.1 inches in height, 16.75 inches is wide and it is 18.9 inches deep. It weighs only 47.6 pounds which makes it light. The capacity of the fridge is 1.6 cubic feet and that means that it can hold up to 60 standard-sized cans. It has one removable shelf that you can adjust to your needs.

Ice-cold Temperature 

This small fridge runs on a powerful cooling system that can keep the temperature anywhere between 34 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. You can make adjustments to the temperature with the thermostat and there is a digital display in front for you to monitor it and change the setting in a matter of seconds.

NewAir NBC060SS00 Beverage Cooler review


It has a double-paned glass door that will keep the drinks cold without losing energy. The door is framed with stainless steel. The cabinet comes in black finish. The shelf inside is chromed and it has metal guard rail. The door is not reversible but you can get the different versions of opening it on the right or the left.


  • Compact design
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Flexible storage

Best Outdoor Commercial Beer Fridge

KingsBottle Outdoor Commercial Beverage Cooler


This outdoor fridge can hold up to 190 bottles and 324 standard-sized cans. It is the capacity of 11.12 cubic feet. It is a perfect choice if you own a restaurant or a bar, or even if you have a large family who likes to organize big BBQ parties. It is durable and spacious, suitable for any occasion.

KingsBottle Outdoor Commercial Beverage Cooler

Adjustable Temperature

Because it is a big unit that can hold a lot of different beverages, you have to have adjustable temperatures for the different kinds of beverages. The temperature ranges from 34 degrees to 46 degrees Fahrenheit and it is even tested to hold the right temperature when the outside is up to 100 degrees F.

Product Size

This beverage center has a classic appearance but with the sizes of 33.9 inches in height, it is 52.6 inches wide and 21.5 inches deep. It has a lot of counter space which is convenient especially if you are building it in the outdoor kitchen. Inside are two adjustable shelves made of chromed steel designed to meet all your needs.

KingsBottle Outdoor Commercial Beverage Cooler review

Design And Materials

The KingBottles is a unit designed for your back yard kitchen. it is made of stainless steel with a silver finish. It has three doors with elegant silver handles for a timeless look. The whole unit is designed to preserve the energy and to keep the cold air inside.

Built-in Features

The front ventilation systems allow it to be built in any cabinetry you have. The temperature control features energy management which signalizes the too low or too high temperature of the unit and inside the fridge. It is a quiet-running and vibration-free compressor. It has a lock for extra safety.


  • Large capacity of 11.12 cubic feet
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Digital display
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Vibration-free compressor

Conclusion: Which Outdoor Beer Fridge Is The One For You?

You don’t have to have a large backyard to be able to enjoy a cold beer after work. There are a lot of possibilities to integrate the outside beer fridge into your space. That is why you can go with Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO  Outdoor Refrigerator which offers you mobility and decent capacity. But if you are the person who likes to invest big, go with the KingsBottle Outdoor Commercial Beverage Cooler that can offer you a professional bar experience.

If you are interested in the beer refrigerators, take a look at the article about beer bottle fridges and their specifications. There is also a review of the beer and wine refrigerators as well as beer bottle mini-fridges.