Best 10 Beer Kegerator Dispenser Refrigerators Reviews 2022

Are you looking for a new kegerator?

Kegerators are a great way to enjoy the cold draft beer in the comfort of your house. There are lots of models you can choose from so I bring you the list of the top-rated kegerator you can find on the market. In addition to that, at the end of the article, there is a buying guide for the kegerators and a few benefits of having it at home.


Best 10 Beer Kegerator Dispenser Refrigerators

Best Mini Kegerator

KRUPS and HEINEKEN Kegerator

This is an elegant mini beer dispenser. It has a Peltier cooling system that keeps the temperature of the keg at around 37.4 degrees F. To make sure that the temperature is right, there is an LED light indicator to let you know what is happening. The dispenser can keep the beer fresh for up to 30 days.

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 In Black

It is a really small kegerator that only weighs 14.3 pounds. It comes in classic black color and it can fit a 5 liter (17.91 gallons) keg. This is the dispenser made in collaboration between Krups and Heineken and they produced the best draft beer dispenser you can find.

The ”Krups and Heineken” kegerator is easy to operate and it comes with a few necessary accessories to make your experience better. It features innovative tap release and the tap helps to produce the Heineken trademark – head of foam.

Krups Heineken BeerTender B100 In Black review

If you want to read more about kegerators read my article about Best 5 Mini & Small Beer kegerator Dispensers. To learn more about Krups Company read the review of Top 2 Krups Beer Kegerators & Dispensers.


  • It features ultra-quiet technology
  • LED temperature indicator
  • Peltier cooling system
  • Innovative tap release

Best Under Counter Kegerator

Marvel MO24BTS2LS Beer Dispenser

Marvel company made a versatile kegerator suitable for any situation. You can build it in, or you can keep it on wheels. It is convenient for indoor and outdoor use and it is easily adjustable because of the leveling legs. The practical and elegant design put this kegerator on the top of the list when buying a beer tap cooler.

Marvel MO24BTS2LS Beer Dispenser

This kegerator has a powerfull cooling technology and it keeps your beer cold on the temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a compressor that prevents frosting so you don’t have to worry about freezing. In case the level of the temperature drops too low or it goes too high. There is an alarm that will go off.

Marvel MO24BTS2LS Beer Dispenser review

It is a kegerator of 5.7. cubic feet. Considering that this is a built-in kegerator, it is a quite good feature. It can fit 1/2 barrel keg, Pony keg, 1/6 barrel keg, and the Cornelius keg. Because it is easy to transform it into a fridge, it also fits any beer bottles and cans, sometimes without removing the keg. To learn more about under counter kegerators read the article about the Best 5 under counter and built-in kegerators.


  • Additional caster wheels
  • Resistant exterior
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Reversible locking door

Best Dual Tap Kegerator

Danby Dual Tap Keg Cooler

This is the best keg fridge with double tap system you can find today. It can fit a full-size keg and it weighs 90 pounds. It has an advanced cooling system R600A with automatic defrosting. The regulator that comes with it is a single gauge and you also get the CO2 tank with it. There is no digital display, but you can manually adjust the temperature.

Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB Dual Tap Keg Cooler

This keg cooler comes in black color of the cabinet and tower dispenser. The spotless steel door gives it an elegant finish, it is easy to clean and it is scratch resistant. The kegerator already has installed a chrome guard rail and removable drip tray for easier cleaning. There are couplers at the bottom sou you can move it where you like it.

Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB Dual Tap Keg Cooler review

Another plus for this kegerator is that it has a reversible door hinge so you can make it open to the left or right. If you want to know more about dual tam kegerators read my post about Best 5 dual tap kegerator systems. If this review got you interested in Danby kegerators, read the article Best Danby beer kegerator cooler.


  • Spotless steel worktop
  • Reversible hinge for the door
  • Advanced cooling system

Best Single Tap Kegerator

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser

This is the keg cooler and dispenser that can beautifully fit in any bar or home. It is slim with clean and simple lines so it will fit in a small space. It is made of stainless steel that comes in the black color. The walls inside are galvanized and reinforced with steel. The tower is in silver and it comes with the guard rail and drip tray. The door on the kegerator can be secured with the lock.

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is not full-size but it can fit any size up to 1/2 barrel. The temperature can be adjusted from 33 degrees to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It has special hydrocarbon technology so it is not bad for the environment. It is also possible to install the shelves inside if you need extra storage space.

True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser In Black review

If you are looking for more options for single tap kegerators read my article about Best 5 single tap kegerator kits. To get to know the True brand a little bit better there is a post about Best 2 True kegerator beer cooler dispensers that you can read.


  • Can be used for indoor, outdoor and commercial
  • Fits up to 1/2 barrels
  • Improved cooling system
  • Doesn’t harm the environment
  • Comes in black stainless steel finish

Best 4 Tap Kegerator

Beverage-Air DD78-1-B Draft Beer Cooler

This is one of the most versatile keg refrigerators that you can find. It is 79 inches wide so that it can almost replace your entire outdoor kitchen. The storage space is big enough for 4 full-sized kegs, and they can easily be connected to the two towers with for taps on the counter.

Beverage-Air DD78-1-B Draft Beer Cooler

This kegerator has a powerful cooling system to keep all the kegs at the temperature you want. It uses the R290 system that is environmentally friendly and it can automatically defrost the entire unit. There are 3 doors on the cabinet that are made extra strong so you don’t lose any energy.

Beverage-Air DD78-1-B Draft Beer Cooler review

It is made of stainless steel and it has a lot of workspaces so it is also a good investment for the business. If you want to view the other 4 tap kegerators take a look at the article that refers to Best 3 three and four tap kegerators for sale. Or if you want to learn more about Beverage-Air here is the post about the Best Beverage-Air kegerator beer cooler.


  • Powerful cooling system
  • Reinforced interior
  • It can store up to 4 full-size kegs

Best Draft Beer Dispenser For Home

Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft On Tap

This is a beautifully designed countertop dispenser, especially for the homebrewers. It has a golden finish and stainless steel tap make it a talking point in any kitchen. It is lightweight of only 15 pounds and that makes it perfect for any setting you wish.

Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft Kegerator On Tap

It has 5l capacity and it can work with the kegs that are under pressure as well as with the ones without it. It comes with 3CO2 cartridge units that need to be installed when you are using kegs without the pressure. Another great point about it is that it doesn’t feature fan motor so it is noise-free.

The temperature can go low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit and it has a digital display in front for making the adjustments. It is a little bit more expensive than the others in this category but it is for sure worth it.

Nostalgia CBD5 Homecraft Kegerator On Tap review

To learn more about home beer keg dispensers check out this article about Best 5 Countertop Kegerators You Need To Buy. If you are interested in the products of the Nostalgia company here is the post about the Best 2 Nostalgia beer kegerators you can buy.


  • It supports 5l mini kegs
  • Stainless steel gold finish design
  • No noise from the motor
  • Supports pressurized and unpressurized kegs

Best Portable Beer Dispenser

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403

This is maybe the smallest home beer tap dispenser that you can get. It is light and portable and it fits everywhere. All you have to do is insert the large bottle into the container and enjoy the draft beer. The new micro-foam technology is installed in this machine so you get nice pour every time you pull the handle.

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403

The beauty of this dispenser is that you can even take it with you on the road. It only needs USB power to make it work. It is made of titanium and zinc and it can survive any conditions. It also has attached a drip tray for the full experience. It is easy to maintain because of the scratch-resistant surface.

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser FZ403 review

If you are looking for a new present for your friends this is just the right thing. If you want to find out more about dispenser for the house read the Best 5 Home Kegerator System For Draft Beer. If you are interested in Fizzics products check the reviews of the Best 2 Fizzics DraftPour beer dispensers.


  • Micro-foam technology
  • Best dispenser for bottled beer
  • Light and portable
  • Made of titanium and zinc
  • A great idea for a gift

Best Cheap Kegerator Kit

Kegco HBK209S-2 Keg Dispenser

This is a great Kegerator that serves you as a fridge and as a kegerator for the great price. It can easily fit full-size keg, 2 1/4 barrel kegs or even 3 1/6 barrel kegs. It comes with the wire shelf so you can convert it into the normal fridge in no time. It is also mobile kegerator because it comes with caster wheels.

Kegco HBK209S-2 Keg Dispenser

It is a modern kegerator that comes in black color and stainless steel front door. Because of that material, it is easy to clean. The drip tray can be easily removed for cleaning and it has a nice guardrail. You can make it into a fridge with just adding a few wire shelves. It has also a mechanical thermostat so you can adjust the temperature anywhere between 35 degrees and 42 degrees F.

Kegco HBK209S-2 Keg Dispenser review

This is a package in which you get more than you asked for. Even the CO2 cylinder is included. But if you want to see more options on affordable kegerators here is the article about Best 5 Cheap Kegerator Kits. If the Kegco company got you interested read the reviews of Best 2 Kegco Kegerator Beer Dispensers.


  • It can fit 3 different sizes of kegs
  • It features a double draft system
  • It is easy to maintain
  • You can move it around on the casters
  • Budget-friendly option

Best Outdoor Kegerator

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

This is the best kegerator for sale you can find. It comes with the casters for easier mobility and transportation. Once you are sure where to put your kegerator, take off the casters and place it under the counter. It will nicely blend into any kitchen.

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator

This is a proper party kegerator with three taps on the tower dispenser. It is made of stainless steel with easy-to-pull handles for the perfect draw. It has a nice stainless-steel finish all over the cabinet and door. The CO2 tank, dual gauge regulator and lines are included in the package.

The cabinet is isolated and strengthened with the heavy-duty metal. That improves the cooling system and it keeps the temperature at the desired level. No energy is wasted. There is a digital thermostat built-in and you can adjust it from 32 degrees to 6 degrees F.

EdgeStar 7000SSODTRIP Outdoor Kegerator review

It can fit all sizes of the kegs inside and it has LED light to make it easier to find things inside. For more information take a look at the overview of the kegerators in the article Best 5 under-counter and built-in kegerators. To learn more about EdgeStar and its product follow the link to the review of Best 5 EdgeStar beer kegerators and dispensers.


  • Suitable for outdoor usage
  • Digital temperature control
  • LED light built-in
  • Full-size kegerator

Best Commercial Keg Cooler

Beer Meister Dual Tower With Stainless Door Kegerator

This is an indoor kegerator that you can leave on the casters’ wheels or built-in. It can go flat against the wall but it is a nice fit into any kitchen cabinetry. It weighs 150 pounds and it can fit 1/2 barrel, 1/4 barrel, pony or Cornelius keg.

Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator

It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. It is strong, sturdy and durable. It has a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet and it can be transformed into a fridge if you need extra space. The temperature ranges from 30 degrees all the way to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a mode of automatic defrost.

The great thing about this kegerator is that it has a digital display of the temperature and you can adjust it as you like. There is also an LED lighting inside the kegerator and it has a fan that makes sure that the beer column is at the minimum temperature.

Beer Meister Dual Tower Stainless Door Kegerator review

Because of the commercial aspect of this kegerator, it features a triple draft system and it comes at a little bit higher price. If you are looking for more information, take a look at the Best 3 Commercial Grade Multi-Tap Kegerators. To learn more about Beer Meister here is the post about the Best Beer Meister Kegerator you can get.


  • Indoor use only
  • Digital temperature display
  • Triple draft system

Buying Guide For Kegerators

Types Of Kegerators

The most important thing when buying a kegerator is that you decide where and why you will be using it. You have to decide do you want the outdoor or indoor kegerator. The outdoor ones are reinforced with protection layers so they can endure all kinds of weather conditions. After that, you have to choose do you want it to be freestanding on the wheels so you can move it around or you want to build it in the kitchen. Last but not least is the decision on the number of taps you want to have. You can choose from a single tap, double tap or multiple taps. It all depends on your preferences and the attention of using it.


Quality Control

When you buy a keg it can last you for a few months but only if it is stored at the right temperature. Buying a kegerator with the digital thermostat can help you in that. You have total control over the temperature and you can adjust it as you like. The control of the temperature is really important in the beer business. There are kegerators that have a self-closing door so you don’t have to worry about losing energy and coldness and some of them have alarms to tell you when the temperature is not as it should be.

Kegerator Price Range

The price range of the kegerators is wide. There are small countertop kegerators that go for $150, high-end ones that go for over $1.500 or even the commercial types that can be priced at $4.000. The amount of money that you are willing to spend on the kegerator is totally up to you. If you are a casual drinker you don’t need to look for special features on it. But if you are a homebrewer or you like to have parties at your house you might want to get something where you can control temperature, have multiple taps and cooling towers. Keep in mind the cost that you will have for the kegs, and it is always good to have a couple of extra parts like CO2 tank, couplers or regulators. Ther are a lot of options on sites like Amazon where you can see the costumers’ reviews before buying the one.


To Buy Or D.I.Y.?

The thing about kegerators is that they are pretty simple machines. It is a fridge designed with the beer tower dispenser. Buying an original kegerator has its benefits because it is designed with the tower and it probably has a place for the CO2 tank. But if you feel adventurous and if your knowledge of fridges and beer is more than average you can build your own kegerator. All you need is the old fridge, a kegerator conversion kit, and some tools. There is a variety of options when buying a conversion kit so you can get the one that will help you build your dream kegerator. In the end, it can be cheaper than buying a new kegerator but the decision is on you.

Reasons To Have A Kegerator

Money Saver

In the long term, the kegerator can be a money saver. Of course, if you like to drink one beer every two months then it is not. But if you are a home brewer or you like to have parties and you enjoy the cold one after a long day at work, this is the right thing for you. In addition, you don’t have to leave home for a nice draft beer and you can have your favorite flavor in the comfort of your home.


Clean Environment

There is no trash to clean after a party and you saved yourself of the trip to the store to return empty bottles. A keg is reusable. You can always fill it up again so there is no need for unnecessary waste. Another thing is that you will probably want to use the glass pitcher or beer mug so you won’t end up with the plastic cups lying around. This is an investment that can last you for a long time and that is the important factor. When buying a kegerator you get 2 in 1. f you don’t want to use it as a kegerator any more, you just ass shelves inside and you have a fridge.

Cold Beer On The Hand

When every technical detail is put aside, there is only one true reason why you would like to have a kegerator at home and that is a cold draft beer on demand. You choose the type of beer you like, fix it a the temperature you like and drink it when you like it. That is the real reason why you would want a kegerator to be in your home. Plus, it is really nice conversation piece when you have your guests over.

Conclusion: Which Kegerator Will You Buy?

When it comes to buying a kegerator it is usually the thing that you want for the upgrade of your home or back yard. You want it to look nice and elegant and that performs well. For that reason, I would recommend two of the best ones on this list. The first one is True TDD-1-HC Direct Draw Beer Dispenser because it is simple and it can be used outdoor and indoor. The second one has to be Beverage-Air DD78-1-B Draft Beer Cooler. It is big and powerful what makes it great even for commercial use

Which one you choose is up to you, but if you want to learn more about kegerators read my post about the best kegerator. If you are looking for something smaller but equally useful rad the article about mini keg dispensers or under counter kegerators.